Sports are an integral part of our culture and give many of us a reason to cheer and jeer. Learn about the history of sports and how your favorite sports really work.

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There will always be bad trades in baseball. But these are by far 10 of the worst in history.

By John Perritano

Grab your contraband snacks purchased outside the stadium and keep your binoculars handy to watch for furtive movements on the field. It's time to play (dirty) ball!

By Akweli Parker

Who has time to think about physics when a 90-mph fastball is speeding your way, and you have less than a second to react? We do. Ready for the first pitch?

By William Harris


Well, sure, because it's lighter, right? Not so fast, baseball fans and budding physicists. The answer is a little more complicated.

By William Harris

in the 1970s, aluminum bats began pinging their way across baseball diamonds. Ever since then, people have wondered if a batter's metal mattered more than his or her mettle. Does it?

By William Harris

Watch the Olympics long enough, and you'll see athletes from the same countries hording all that gold, silver and bronze. But what if we looked at Olympic performance not just in terms of overall medal count?

By Jessika Toothman

Winning an Olympic medal is an incredibly special and rare honor, so most people never get to see them up close. But throughout the years, these coveted awards have had some really unique and diverse designs. Take a peek.

By Jessika Toothman


From the parade of nations to the lighting of the cauldron, the official pageantry that accompanies the Olympics is part of what makes it so much fun. To celebrate Olympic history, we’ve compiled an image gallery commemorating a few of our favorite posters over the years.

By Jessika Toothman

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics were postponed until the summer of 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people thought they should have been canceled outright, but has that ever happened before?

By Jessika Toothman

The city you live in is pretty cool, right? Then how come it hasn't hosted the Olympics yet? Read this article and you might be on your (Olympic) way. Then again, it may make you rethink that grand vision.

By Jessika Toothman

Ah yes, the Olympic flame burning bright is a lovely sight. You know what's an even lovelier sight for the host city? Piles of cash from putting on the esteemed athletic contest. Do those ever materialize?

By Jessika Toothman


The top prize at the Olympics is the gold medal, and that's how it's always been, right? Not quite. How has the coveted Olympic prize changed over the years, and how much are they really worth?

By Jessika Toothman

The Olympics haven't always been the pageantry-filled events they are today. Back in 1900, you might have taken in a tug-of-war contest before heading off to hot air ballooning. What other strange sports have existed in Olympic history?

By Jessika Toothman

Most people like watching the Super Bowl every February, but there's always that one guy who insists that he's just watching "for the commercials" -- and with good reason. Find out how all the ad hype gets generated here.

By Ed Grabianowski

When it comes to human-powered transportation, you can't beat a skateboard for cool points. Learn more about these 5 tips for your first time on a skateboard.

By Megan Cohen, Planet Green


Just about every sports league has some sort of deal where you can watch live events on your phone, tablet, PC or TV. What's so great about being able to watch sports everywhere you go?

By Jonathan Strickland

There's no room for Wildcats or Bears in the intramural sports world. Half the fun of being on these teams is creating a crazy, humorous and sometimes downright risque team name. Have a good laugh with these team monikers.

By Bambi Turner

Semi-pro play is really highly organized amateur football, and making the team takes training and commitment.

By Jill Jaracz

Tennis is a great social sport, but it can also catapult you into superstar status. Either way, you can find a tennis club that's right for you!

By Emilie Sennebogen


If your Wii sports package is the closest you get to team competition these days, why not nurture your inner athlete by starting your own community sports club?

By Beth Brindle

Dream of warm breezes on your face and the sound of wind whipping through the sails? If so, joining a sailing club might just be for you.

By Caitlin Uttley

If you loathe the idea of hanging up your jersey but can't find an intramural league to suit your needs, it could be time to start your own circle of competitors!

By Alia Hoyt

Think of street hockey as ice hockey without the ice. If you have a hockey stick, a dead tennis ball and some cinder blocks, you're ready to play!

By Julia Layton


Basketball has been called more than a game, and starting a league is indeed serious business. We'll show you what steps you'll need to take.

By Christine Venzon

Lacrosse has been around for hundreds of years, but it's quickly becoming the hippest intramural sport around. Better still, it's easy to establish your own team.

By Jessica Willis