Sports are an integral part of our culture and give many of us a reason to cheer and jeer. Learn about the history of sports and how your favorite sports really work.

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What Are the Costs of Canceling College Football?

College football generates billions of dollars in revenue annually from ticket sales, media rights and donations. So who has the most to lose if the fall season is canceled?

Pickleball! It's the Fast-growing Sport With the Funny Name

Pickleball may be a funny name, but this paddle sport is attracting thousands of players across the U.S. and around the world.

How the Triple-Double Works

HowStuffWorks breaks down the amazing gymnastic move called a triple-double so you can see each twist and flip.

Pillow Fighting Isn't Just Child's Play, It's a Real Sport

Forget Ultimate Fighting. Pillow fighting is the real ultimate sport.

Taekwondo: The 'Sport' of Mastering Self-Control

Taekwondo features dramatic, aerial, jumping, spinning kicks, but it's also about building character.

Why Do Golf Balls Have Dimples?

When preparing to swing at the tee, you want to golf ball to go just as far as you want it in exactly the right direction you want it to go. That's where the dimples come in.

What Are the Odds of a Hole-In-One?

Sinking a hole-in-one is way more difficult than Tiger Woods and those other professionals make it look.

Male Cheerleaders to Perform in Super Bowl for First Time Ever

For the first time ever, two male cheerleaders will be at the Super Bowl.

How to Get the Gig as a Super Bowl Official

Only the best of the best make it to the Super Bowl. And that includes the NFL officials.

How College Football Crowns Its Champ

The NCAA scrapped the Bowl Championship Series in favor of a playoff system. But does it truly crown a national champion?

Physics and Football: How Denver's Altitude Affects Field Goals

Three of the five longest field goals in NFL history have been kicked in Denver's Mile High Stadium. What gives?

The Best, the Worst and the Weirdest College Mascots (and Why We Love Them)

College sports just wouldn't be the same without those silly costumed humans (and live animals) parading around the sidelines pumping up the fans.

When Scoring a World Cup Goal Backfires

It's called an own goal, and it happens when a player accidentally knocks the ball into the wrong net — the net they're supposed to be defending.

It's a Lot Easier to Hold the World Cup in a Dictatorship

Plus other fun facts about what it entails to host the World Cup.

Who Pays if You Get Smacked by a Foul Ball?

All Major League Baseball parks extended the protective netting that keeps the most dangerous of foul balls from zipping into the stands. But is it enough to protect fans?

How the Olympic Opening Ceremonies Work

Admit it: You cry every time you watch the parade of athletes in the opening ceremony. We do, too. What other official stuff goes down at this ultimate Olympic gala?

5 Ways Professional Sports Reinforce Sexism

Sports has come a long way for women in the last few decades, but it still have a long way to go.

How Is Global Warming Affecting the Winter Olympics?

Twenty-one cities have hosted the Winter Olympics, but many of them may soon be too warm for cold weather games.

Why Do So Many Women’s Sports Still Incorporate Skirts?

Although women freely wear pants or shorts in everyday life, some sport associations still mandate skirts for their female athletes. Is this sexist, due to tradition or both?

Where Did the 'DEE-FENSE' Sports Chant Come From?

Sports fans can be a noisy bunch. Hey, screaming your head off is part of the fun, right? But someone had to come up with 'DEE-FENSE' first. Who was it?

How Soccer Powerhouse FC Barcelona Became a Symbol of Catalan Pride

How did this football club, initially composed mainly of Germans and Brits, become the repository of the hopes and dreams of an independent Catalan nation? And what would happen to the club if Catalan seceded from Spain?

How Patriotism and American Pro Sports Became Allied

The relationship between pro sports and expression of patriotism, like playing the National Anthem, is a uniquely American phenomenon. And a fairly recent one.

Late-night Tweeting Can Hurt NBA Players' Performance, Study Shows

They may want to trade late-night hours on Twitter for some shut-eye to get better game stats, the research suggests.

Why Aren't There More Asian-Americans in Pro Team Sports?

People don't expect to see Asian-American basketball stars. Or football stars. But why?