Adult Sports Leagues

Adult sports leagues are a fun and exciting way to stay in shape. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, there's an adult sports league out there for you. In this section you'll find everything you need to know about adult sports leagues.


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5 Ways Professional Sports Reinforce Sexism

Sports has come a long way for women in the last few decades, but it still have a long way to go.

Why Do So Many Women’s Sports Still Incorporate Skirts?

Although women freely wear pants or shorts in everyday life, some sport associations still mandate skirts for their female athletes. Is this sexist, due to tradition or both?

Why Aren't There More Asian-Americans in Pro Team Sports?

People don't expect to see Asian-American basketball stars. Or football stars. But why?

How to Get Involved in a Football League

If you have an itch to play football like you did as a kid, there's a local league that can scratch it. We look at the options available, no matter your skill level or competitiveness.

How to Find an Intramural Basketball League

Basketball is a popular spectator sport but you're tired of just watching -- you want to play. It's time to show off your hard-earned skills in an intramural basketball league.

What are the pros of playing intramural sports?

Whether you're a former high school varsity athlete or have never played organized sports before, joining an intramural league could be the perfect decision for you.

5 Reasons to Join a Sports Club

If faced with the choice of going to the gym or the dentist, some would probably choose a root canal over a good workout. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose a sports club. Don't worry, searing pain isn't one of them.

Should you play in sports leagues with coworkers?

You love sports; you love your job -- so why not combine the two? Don't mix business with pleasure, some say. But, why not? What are the pros and cons of playing sports with your co-workers?

How to Find a Singles Sports Club

If there's one thing singles are looking for, it's other singles. And, if you already enjoy sports, what better way to play the field? But how do you find a club that's right for you?

5 Ways Sports Leagues Improve Your Social Life

All work and no play makes Jack … well you know the story. Here, we offer some of the ways sports leagues can spice up your social life and help you avoid becoming that dreaded dull boy or girl.