Game of Golf

Golf is a game of skill and luck. By many it's also the game they love to hate the most. The sport of Golf is a simple concept - hit a ball into a hole - but the reality is much more complicated.

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Why Do Golf Balls Have Dimples?

When preparing to swing at the tee, you want to golf ball to go just as far as you want it in exactly the right direction you want it to go. That's where the dimples come in.

What Are the Odds of a Hole-In-One?

Sinking a hole-in-one is way more difficult than Tiger Woods and those other professionals make it look.

Winning the Green Windbreaker: Inside the Real World of Pro Mini Golf

You might only win $4,000 if you take first place at this Masters tournament, but rest assured, professional miniature golf is real.

Who built the first miniature golf course?

Miniature golf is a classic family outing and beach vacation tradition. It's almost like a cartoon version of regular golf. Who would come up with such an idea?

How to Use Golf GPS

Do you want to know how to use golf GPS when you're on the range? Learn how to use golf GPS in this article.

How Golf Carts Work

In addition to being practical on the golf course, golf carts have a lot of uses that reach beyond traversing the back nine. In fact, in some communities, golf carts are the main means of transportation.

What is the world's longest golf course?

Golfers who dig the long ball also dig long golf courses. Usually, golf courses are measured in yards, but Australia's Nullarbor Links is so long that it's measured in kilometers.

What is the history of golf?

"A good walk spoiled" is how Mark Twain described the sport of golf. But golf greats and addicted amateurs would beg to differ. Where did this sport begin and how has it evolved?

How Golf Simulators Work

A golf simulator installed in your home or office can mimic the real game while also improving your skills. So if you're a real golf fanatic, you may want to learn more about these high-tech machines.

Top 5 Golf Grip Tips

There are so many mental distractions on the golf course, from sand traps to deep patches of rough, that it's easy to forget about an important part of the game -- your hands. We have five tips that help you get a better grip on both your golf club and your swing.

How the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing Works

When the stack and tilt swing hit the media, many long-time golfers pushed back their visors and scratched their heads. This swing runs counter to the traditional golf swing. But for some golfers, it really works. Why?

Top 10 Putting Tips

It's great to whack balls at the driving range, but putting is actually 40 percent of your game. So you need to give it some love. How can you improve your skills on the green?

Top 10 Golf Swing Tips

Too often your golf game may be soured by a wicked slice or a ball that winds up in water. But before you throw down your clubs in frustration, read these 10 tips to improve your swing.

Mickey Wright

Mickey Wright's striking golf record includes 82 LPGA victories. To this day, she is considered one of the best women golfers to ever play the game. Read of her powerful swing and her superior play from 1956-69.

Babe Didrikson Zaharias

Babe Didrikson Zaharias excelled in virtually every sport she tried. Unfortunately, her career was cut short by cancer, and she died at the age of 42. Learn how Babe Didrikson Zaharias won 31 pro golf tournaments from 1948-55.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is one of the most accomplished golfers of all time. His popularity has pushed the game of golf into worldwide popularity. He is on pace to beat Jack Nicklaus for wins. Learn more about Tiger Woods and his destiny to become one of the greatest golfers.

Walter Travis

Walter Travis began playing golf at the ripe age of 35. Travis founded the American Golfer Magazine and also became involved in the designing of golf courses later in life. Learn about Walter Travis one of the best American golf players in the early 1900s.

Lee Trevino

Lee Trevino won 27 times on the PGA Tour from 1968-84. He became the first person to win the U.S. Open with all four rounds scored in the 60s. Find out how Lee Trevino became one of the most accomplished and popular golfers of all time.

Harry Vardon

Harry Vardon holds the golf record for most British Open wins. He was soft-spoken but had a reputation for being a straight shooter and getting angry when the time came. Learn how Harry Vardon toured the United States in 1900 to promote the game of golf.

Ken Venturi

Ken Venturi was one of the PGA Tour's best players in the late 1950s. During his career he won 14 Tour events. He was forced to retire from competition and he found work as a broadcaster. Find out more about Ken Venturi and why his golf career ended prematurely.

Tom Watson

Tom Watson was a master of approach shots and the short game. Watson won two Masters tournaments beating Jack Nicklaus in both events. His last Tour win came in 1996. Learn how Tom Watson captured 28 tournament wins including eight majors.

Lanny Wadkins

Lanny Wadkins' bold style and competitive nature led him to 21 PGA Tour victories. His reputation as a competitor stems from his remarkable Ryder Cup record, where he won over 20 events. Read about Lanny Wadkins and his Ryder Cup successes.

Joyce Wethered

Joyce Wethered hit the golf ball farther that any other woman of her era. She eventually grew tired of competition and retired having little left to accomplish. Learn how Joyce Wethered dominated women's golf in the 1920s and '30s.

Kathy Whitworth

Kathy Whitworth's steady, consistent golf swing led her to 88 victories between 1962 and 1985. She won so much that she became the first woman to win over one million dollars in career prize money.

Curtis Strange

Curtis Strange is one of only six players to win back-to-back U.S. Open championships. He returned later in his career after a string of injuries and dwindling motivation. Learn how Curtis Strange dominated pro golf in the late 1980s.