Sports are an integral part of our culture and give many of us a reason to cheer and jeer. Learn about the history of sports and how your favorite sports really work.

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How the World Series Works

Baseball's biggest stage, the World Series, takes place in the fall between the American League and National League champions. How do you get to the October Classic?

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Baseball is known as the great American pastime. Learn about some of baseball's most famous -- and infamous -- players and teams.

How Baseball's National League Works

Major League Baseball is made up of two different leagues: the American League and the National League. How did the National League get its start, and how has it thrived to this day?

What's the difference between the American and National Baseball Leagues?

Most baseball fans know about the existence of Major League Baseball and the two leagues that comprise it. But do most fans know about the one major difference between them?

Quick Reference: Baseball Positions and Their Equipment

Baseball has a lot of fans, but how many of them know exactly what a player does once he takes the field? Do they know what they use to do their jobs? Here's a primer.

What's the obstruction rule in baseball?

Without the obstruction rule, Major League Baseball would be more of a contact sport -- or even resemble the NFL. But what exactly is off limits?

What is a balk?

It's probably one of the most confusing rules in baseball -- the balk. So what is it and why is it so hard to understand?

When should you overrun first base?

It's hard to truly gun it for first if you're worried about screeching to a halt once you get there. What are the rules regarding overrunning first base?

Baseball Hits: Fair or Foul?

What determines whether a ball is fair or foul? And who determines it?

What are the 9 baseball positions?

For those who find baseball as exciting as watching paint dry, knowing a little something about the sport just might increase your interest level. Let's start off with a basic explanation of the nine positions.

What's a double play in baseball?

A double play is any combination of two outs in one single play. So how do the fielders make that happen?

Why does the strike zone change in baseball?

The strike zone is one of the most subjective and disputed elements in the game of baseball. Why is that?

What's an error in baseball?

Anything called an error can't be good. But if it doesn't directly affect the score of a game, then why does it even exist? And how do you make one?

5 Worst Cases of the Yips in Baseball

Everyone expects professional athletes to make a mistake once and while. But what happens when a player seems to lose their talent almost completely, suddenly and for no good reason?

10 Must-see Fields to Visit Before You Die

Maybe you feel the cold hand of death creeping toward you at this very moment; or maybe you think you've got some time before the final strike is called. Either way, see these fields before you go.

What is a foul-tip?

A foul-tip is an unusual sight in baseball -- to begin with, the batter has to foul the ball directly back to the catcher's mitt. If he catches it, it's a strike, not a foul. What rules govern this weird play?

What are the rules of the first base running lane?

Ever wonder why players sometimes run outside the first-base running lane in baseball without getting called out? As it turns out, the rules of that road aren't always clear.

10 Legendary Baseball Curses

Baseball has a pretty colorful history, especially its curses. From the goat-plagued Chicago Cubs to a Japanese team's strange encounter with Colonel Sanders, we'll take a look at 10 of the most famous (and bizarre).

5 Baseball Players Sent Back to the Minors

In professional baseball, getting sent down to the minors is more common than you might imagine. But there are some big-name players who got sent back that just might surprise you.

5 Biggest Losing Streaks in Baseball History

What is it about losing streaks that make them so compelling? Is it the emotional turmoil, the trainwreck aspect or just the desire to laugh at people doing things badly? In any case, here are five really bad baseball losing streaks.

5 of Baseball's Most Dramatic Upsets

Upsets are part of what makes baseball interesting. These are five of the most dramatic.

How Baseball Drug Testing Works

In the 2000s, America's pastime lost its luster when it was revealed that prominent players were using performance-enhancing drugs. How does the MLB prevent such abuse these days?

5 Baseball Leagues from Around the World

We tend to think of baseball as an American obsession, but this bat-and-ball game has fans in other corners of the globe, too.

5 Major Rule Changes in the History of Baseball

You'd think that the game of baseball was entirely invented, but the truth is that it grew and evolved from several other sports. Here are five rule changes that made baseball the game we love today.

How Baseball's American League Works

The American League first gained credibility when the Boston Red Sox won the first World Series in 1903. How has the league progressed ever since?