5 Unforgettable Baseball Scandals

Former Cincinnati Reds player/manager Pete Rose appeared to be heading for the Baseball Hall of Fame before gambling, prison and a lifetime ban from baseball got in the way. Where does his scandal appear on our list? See more sports pictures.
Allen Steele/Getty Images

There's a lot to love about baseball. It's a sport that provides a complete sensory experience -- whether it's the smell of a new leather glove, the sound of the crack of a bat or the indelible image of a well-hit ball clearing the left-field wall to win the game. But in the rich history of the game, there's also plenty of intriguing mischief. Picking just five episodes from the sordid list of controversial baseball headlines over the years is a challenge akin to hitting a fastball in Game 7 of the World Series.

These five include episodes involving illicit sex, drugs, ill-advised comments and behavior that would prompt any umpire to yell, "You're outta here!" They're stories that grabbed headlines in their era for all the wrong reasons.

First up, is the true story of some sullied Sox and the stink that threatened the game itself.