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Brain Games

Brain games may sound like they're not much fun, but that's far from the truth. Some of the most popular games today are actually brain games. Just because a game involves strategy doesn't make it boring. In this section we'll explore some of the world's

How Carcassonne Works

To gaming aficionados, Carcassonne isn't just an uber-fortified French town; it's an addictive medieval strategy game populated by adorable little figures. What's a meeple?

How Khet Works

Do you like the strategy of a game like chess, but long for something more flashy? Like, say, lasers? The board game known as Khet might be just what you're looking for. See more »

How RoboRally Works

Imagine you're a super smart computer bored to tears by your job at a widget factory. What could make the time pass faster than pitting the robots you've built against each other in deadly, destructive races? See more »

5 Bad Scrabble Habits You Can Learn From Words With Friends

People are obsessed with Zynga's Scrabble-like Words With Friends game, but there are some habits that'll get you in trouble if you actually play Scrabble. We'll share 5 to watch out for. See more »

5 Games You Can Play With Only Pen and Paper

In our digital age, it's easy to forget how much fun low-tech games can be. Remember pen and paper games? We've got five that'll keep the kids -- big and small -- busy for hours. See more »

How Quiddler Works

With its Celtic-inspired cards and quirky name, this "short word game" is a crowd-pleaser with kids and adults alike. Care to play a hand? Don't quiddle, then, and check out this article. See more »

How Rummikub Works

Endlessly mispronounced but universally beloved, this game is a mix of rummy and older, tile-based games like mahjong and dominoes. Think you can be the first to yell out "Rummikub"? See more »

How Senet Works

Some of your board games may be antiques, but are any from circa 3500 B.C.? Senet, a game played by the pharaohs, still has plenty to offer today. See more »

How Dominion Works

If Magic: The Gathering and Settlers of Catan merged, you'd get Dominion. And if you have no idea what that means, you may still have fun playing it. See more »

How Lumosity Brain Games Work

Lumosity aims to provide the same sort of training for the brain that regular trips to the gym provide for the body. What types of games does it use to exercise your mind? See more »

Beginner's Guide to Dungeons & Dragons

Maybe you've heard whispers of dragons, Dungeon Masters and 20-sided dice, but how much do you really know about the world's most famous role-playing game? Get in character, because we're going on a quest to learn the ABCs of D&D. See more »