A Tremendous Trove of Trivia Quiz

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A Tremendous Trove of Trivia Quiz
Image: The tallest mountain? Maremagnum/Getty Images

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Think you know geography? Fancy yourself a history buff? Well then, mister or missus big shot, get comfy and let's test your knowledge of weird castles, crazy large numbers and embargoed snack foods. Hint: If you're a regular reader of our site content, you'll have an edge with this one!
True or False: When measured from base to peak, Mount Everest is the tallest mountain on Earth.
Mauna Kea of Hawaii is 33,500 feet (10,210 meters) tall, making it significantly taller than Everest. However, much of Kea is submerged beneath the ocean.
No one really knows why legal pads are yellow. But what's one of the leading theories?
Yellow paper creates less glare.
Thomas Holley, who invented these pads in the late 1800s, might've been concerned about the readability issue. Or maybe he just thought yellow looked classy.
The choice was an homage to Pittsburgh's city flag.
Yellow paper makes blue or black ink stand out more.
That castle in the Walt Disney Pictures logo was based on what real-life structure?
Scotland's Edinburgh Castle
Germany's Neuschwanstein Castle
Finished in 1886, the Neuschwanstein Castle was a dream project of the Bavarian King Ludwig II. His obsessive love of theatrics, Richard Wagner's operas and Arthurian myth made some question the king's sanity.
Romania's Bran Castle


Which U.S. president weaned Americans off of red pistachios?
Jimmy Carter
Red-dyed pistachios used to be standard fare in the states, but Carter's sanctions on Iran cut off Uncle Sam's access to these Middle Eastern treats.
Gerald Ford
Ronald Reagan
Which of these prehistoric beasts was NOT a dinosaur?
A soaring, toothless reptile with a maximum wingspan of over 19.6 feet (6 meters), Pteranodon belonged to a related group of animals called the pterosaurs.
Fill in the blank: The Dead Sea scrolls were discovered in 1947 by ________.
traveling merchants
a couple of shepherds
Yup, a goat chase in the West Bank of Israel led to the recovery of these ancient religious scrolls. Who would've thought it?
the Israeli military


Where did the famous "Dee-Fense!" sports chant originate?
New York City
The rallying cry first rang out in 1956 at Yankee Stadium, as fans watched the New York Giants defeat the Chicago Cardinals.
In 2019, NASA named a Martian object after what Hall of Fame-caliber rock band?
the Four Seasons
The Rolling Stones
The InSight spacecraft had recently dislodged a pebble on the Red Planet's surface. Since it rolled about 3 feet (1 meter) away from the craft, NASA unofficially called it "Rolling Stones Rock."
What's a key difference between a seal and a sea lion?
Seals have short claws; sea lions have long claws.
Sea lions have ear flaps; seals don't.
Seal lions have ear flaps while seals don't. And while we're at it, sea lions are the noisy ones. They also sport skin covered with short claws, while seals have fur covered with long claws.
Seals are way louder.


A trillion seconds is roughly equal to how many years?
As you may remember from your high school math class, a trillion is the equivalent of a million millions. That's a one followed by 12 zeroes.
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The tallest mountain? Maremagnum/Getty Images