Leisure is a place for even the busiest people to take a break. You can learn to play cards, check out your horoscope, bet on your favorite game or find out more about arcades.

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China's betting that the year of the monkey, which starts on Feb. 8, 2016, will prompt more baby-making.

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And they're especially good at munching your money if you anthropomorphize them.

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Ever heard the expression, "Almost only counts in horseshoes"? It refers to scoring in the game, but it could apply to building a horseshoe pit in your backyard. You can have something almost as good as a professional court with little effort.

Not all lawn games need to come from a box! Many can be built from scratch easily and will look a lot better than the store-bought ones. We'll tell you how.

A treasure hunt in your own backyard or house will liven up your child's birthday party and keep the guests busy long enough for you to set out the refreshments. You could even craft one just to amuse your kids on a rainy day.

Yeah, swings are OK. But they're a whole lot more fun when they're paired with a replica of the Ghostbusters station. Or they hang from a tree house that puts the Swiss Family Robinson one to shame. Come see.

The great outdoors is like a blank canvas when it comes to crafts. Spark your kids' creativity (plus provide opportunities for learning about science and nature) and get away from vegetating indoors.

Turning your yard into a mini movie theater is a great way to entertain friends and enjoy the outdoors. But to put together the perfect cinematic soiree, you want to make sure everything's just right.

During the long hot summer, water games rule. Everyone wins because everyone gets wet! We've got five of the wettest, most fun games you can play.

What new game is popping up all over college campuses, beaches and parks, and according to its co-founder, will increase your attractiveness by 48 percent? That would be Spikeball! Never heard of it? We'll give you a primer.

Tent living doesn't have to mean using leaves as TP or hoisting your food into a tree to prevent critters from eating it. Nope, camping with the family is as easy as pitching a tent in the yard and pretending that your iPad isn't within 10 strides.

Hot summer days beg for a dip in the pool. But if you don't have access to one (or don't want to drive anywhere), you can cool off in your backyard with these fun water games.

Backyard putting greens are not only for the wealthy. If you're willing to do the work yourself, you can build one for a few thousand dollars. We'll show you how.

Hitting a ball at a fake volcano is way more fun than just at a hole; that's part of the appeal of miniature golf. And you can build your own course for your backyard with your own obstacles.