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The Horoscopes & Astrology Channel helps to explain the wisdom of the zodiac and why many have relied upon astrological traits to aid their decision-making.

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Are you a new year baby? Find out the unique traits associated with your January birthday here.

February birthdays share the month with famous presidents and Valentine's Day. Look up your birth date to read about your astrological personality.

In like lion, out like a lamb. Where does your March birthday fit? If you are feeling lucky, see what your birthday says about you.

We love April for bringing in the May flowers. If you have an April birthday, look up your birth date to find out what it says about you.

May birthdays share the month with flowers and spring. Learn more about your birthday with our birthday astrology guide.

School's out and summer is here! If you were born in June, take a look at what your birthday says about you.

July birthdays in the Northern Hemisphere can get their pick of summer fun and outdoor parties. See what your July birthday says about you.

Madonna, Martha Stewart, Bill Clinton and Mother Teresa are just some of the famous people with August birthdays. See what your birthday has in store for you.

Are you a quick-thinking Virgo or balanced Libra? Find your birth date to see your astrological traits.

Fall leaves. Halloween. October for many is a month of fun and change. Look up your birthday to see what it says about you.

You'll find the Scorpio and Sagittarius signs in November. Which sign are you? Look up your birthday and find out your astrology personality.

What does your December birthday say about you? Are you a serious Capricorn or a fun-loving Sagittarius? Find out your unique traits.