Where in the World Are You? Take our GeoGuesser Quiz

By: Alia Hoyt
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Where in the World Are You? Take our GeoGuesser Quiz
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About This Quiz

The world is a huge place, yet some GeoGuessr players know locations in mere seconds. Are you one of GeoGuessr's gifted elite? Take our quiz to find out!
What's the maximum number of points possible in a GeoGuessr game?
In any given game, each player guesses where in the world five different locations are (based on Google Street View images). Each round, or "seed" is worth 5,000 points, for a max of 25,000. To get 5,000 points you must be within 100 or 200 meters (328 to 656 feet) on a "worldwide view" map.
Who is GeoWizard?
the game's "help" function
the game's creator
a random guy who plays in England
Although Tom Davies, aka "GeoWizard" is no longer one of the best GeoGuessr players in the world, he's still one of the most famous, as his videos helped put the game on the map.
Beginning Geoguessrs should do the following when starting out with the game:
Know which countries drive on the left and which on the right.
Use the compass.
All of these are helpful but the compass (located on the left side of your screen) might be the best starter. The red arrow always points north, so by centering the sun on your screen, you should be able to figure out whether you are in the Northern or Southern hemisphere. More advanced players can figure out how far the country is from the equator based on the sun's angle.
Bone up on flags of the world.


Bollard posts (which serve as roadway barriers) are a common feature that GeoGuessr players zone in on. Which of these countries features white and black bollard posts?
But don't get too confident that it's Russia, as many other countries, like Germany and Ukraine, feature white and black bollards.
South Africa
If the Google car in the image has a snorkel on the front, which African country is a good guess?
It's pretty hot and sandy in Kenya, so auto snorkels are commonly used to keep the engine cool and things running smoothly.
Which of these countries is not on Google Street View, and therefore can't be shown on GeoGuessr?
Much of Africa and Central America (including Honduras) do not have Google Street View capabilities yet. Other places without it include Saudi Arabia, Papua New Guinea and some Caribbean islands.


Language is a big helper in GeoGuessr. If you see the character "ø," where are you?
Norway or Denmark
That particular character is only found in Norwegian or Danish. The "õ" is only seen in Estonian, and Finnnish has lots of double letters, like "ii" or "aa."
Finland or Sweden
Estonia or Latvia
A red Google car with an antenna is most likely in which country?
Occasionally, Belgium will also have a red Google car, but not often. Incidentally, the Google cars often have a "scrubbed out" sort of appearance, but the hue is almost always still visible, as is the antenna (if there is one).
United States
Why is Ghana one of the most easily identified countries?
The nation's flag is flown on almost every corner.
The Google car roof in Ghana features a black band wrapped around the roof rack.
Any GeoGuessr afficionado who spies the black band will instantly know they're in Ghana.
Roadways in Ghana have very distinct lime green signs that are different from everywhere else.


Vertical, multicolored "prayer flags" are often seen in which country?
The blue, white, red, green and yellow flags are a Buddhist tradition, each color representing an earthly element.
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