Movie Industry

Movie Industry & Awards gives an overview of showbiz and even gives an inside-peek to how to bring home the gold at the Oscars and score big in Cannes.

An Oscar-worthy movie memorabilia auction will be selling it — and other super-cool stuff — this September.

When Ron Howard took over the new "Star Wars" film, people wondered how often this type of switcheroo happens. Turns out it's a lot — and it doesn't always end badly.

Stop-motion animation breaks down the data behind the current glut of Marvel- and DC-inspired films.

The wintertime success of "The Force Awakens" prompted studios to shift the next Star Wars film to a holiday release. Will this happen more often?

Tony's a guy, right? Was Emmy even a real person? And surprise, the Beard Awards have nothing to do with facial hair. Learn the secrets behind awards' names.

Thirty-nine U.S. states offer them as a way to lure movie productions. But many are rethinking their generosity.

In this age where everyone is an online critic, do professional movie reviews still matter? More than you'd think.

If a movie stalls out in the process of being made, it's said to be in "development hell." What does the term mean, and how does it happen?

When a film flops, directors wind up in a kind of prison — but it might not be the type you're thinking.

Same colors. Same images. Same poses. Why does Hollywood stick to the tried-and-true for the movie posters adorning your local theater?

Often thought of as the place where bad movies go to die, direct-to-DVD films have become increasingly less about the quality, as Hollywood tries meeting the changing demands of how audiences view movies.

Their names and jobs don't roll through the opening credits, but here's how the crew and services "below the line" affect a movie budget's bottom line.

When Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood clashed with a director, it changed the way movies could be made. But how?

It's Memorial Day weekend, and you're bound for the movies, determined to see the latest blockbuster. How do studios decide the ever-important movie premiere dates in their eternal quest for blockbuster box office bucks?

"Avatar" single-handedly created the recent demand for 3-D movies, but even as interest wanes in the U.S., international audiences continue flocking to the format.

They're the A-list actors, the directors, the ones with their names in lights ... and they don't come cheaply. How do the big names affect the budget of a multimillion-dollar movie?

Making sense of the guesswork that goes into accurately predicting a movie's Sunday sales before the numbers have come in requires simple math, not clairvoyance.

If you were shocked when Marisa Tomei won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 1993 for her role in "My Cousin Vinny" you're not alone. Many people think she wasn't the real winner and it's one of the biggest hoaxes in Oscar history.

The film industry was revolutionized in the 1920s (hello, sound!), but the changes were not without growing pains. What were the wins and losses that taught us how to make great movies?

When it comes to hiding profits, there's no business like show business. Learn how Hollywood accounting practices ensure that, when it comes to certain films, no one makes much money except the studios themselves.

You might be surprised to learn that movie ratings are not assigned by the studio, filmmaker or even psychologists. It's actually by a group of anonymous parents who make up the MPAA rating board. And that's not all the MPAA does.

A good Hollywood blockbuster should be able to defray much of its cost in post-production -- think ticket sales, DVD rentals and merchandising contracts. But an expensive movie also needs some money to start out with. Where does it come from?

Making movies costs money. It costs lots of money. Why? The easy answer is that no one knows for sure. The real answer is that someone knows -- but that person isn't going to tell you.

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