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Harvey Weinstein was the first to fall from grace, but that set a #metoo hashtag in motion that has been unstoppable ever since.

Oprah in 2020 might not be as far-fetched as it once seemed. Here are some reasons why she could be the first female president in the U.S.

Carrie Fisher, who plays General Leia in 'The Last Jedi,' made an indelible mark on every one of her cast mates.

Oprah's holiday gift list is 20 this year, and it's as popular as ever. Who doesn't want some $60 slippers or a $50 box of blueberries?

Famed director George Romero died over the weekend on July 16, 2017. He popularized the zombie genre with his cult classic "Night of the Living Dead."

It may seem like there are no secrets left, but we've uncovered some little-known facts about the Princess of Wales.

Yes, we're talking about Dwayne Johnson, the highest paid actor in the world.

It has to do with the celebrity's media popularity, and having a lot of charisma.

He was the first American in space, the first golf-player on the moon — and oh yes, there was a little problem with peeing in his spacesuit.

Feeling stressed? Shoot, paint some happy trees and learn more about the late PBS artist who's bigger than ever.

In a male-dominated field with a reputation for aggression and ruthless behavior, is there space for women to compete? Are there even any female paparazzi?

The King of Pop is dead, and his old stomping grounds are still for sale. If we had the hefty $100M asking price to spend, what would we do with Neverland Ranch?

'Parasocial interaction' describes the real emotions people feel for celebrities. Are the grief and mourning process after a famous death just as real?

The "Star Wars" universe is loaded with background characters, but few work harder than the droids. So many of these mechanical marvels toil thanklessly in the background, while the likes of C-3PO, R2-D2 and BB-8 get all the glory.

While doing press, Carrie Fisher has proven that she’s a woman who speaks her mind, doesn’t concern herself with what others think, and has a razor-sharp wit.

Marijuana endorsements are no longer niche, as celebs like Willie Nelson and reality star Bethenny Frankel put their name on weed. Will more celebrities join the trend?

Even in our digital age, a magazine cover can generate huge buzz. Or a huge outcry. Here are eight that garnered millions of comments and conversations.

Lucille Ball claimed to have heard music -- and then Morse code -- from the fillings in her teeth. Was she crazy or did her dental fillings actually help her (or someone else) spy during World War II?

You know what they say -- deaths come in threes, especially celebrity deaths. But come on ... is there really any truth to this myth?

An unmarked grave isn't always a sign of poverty. It's sometimes intentional, or just an oversight. Here are 10 surprising graves that are (or were) unmarked.

The rises and epic falls of Hollywood kids have been selling tabloids for decades. But not all kids who work as actors flare out -- some go on to lead adult lives sans scandal.

This photographic retrospective of Elvis Presley includes pictures from the defining moments of this legendary performer. These pictures include his years as a child and right before he burst onto the music scene. See Elvis Presley pictures.

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