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Science vs. '90s Disaster Movies, a Deeply Geeky Pop Culture Quiz

Ah, the '90s. We're still watching this glorious decade's campy disaster flicks for the action scenes and nostalgia value. But accuracy was never their forte. Just for kicks, let's look at the science of "Twister," "Volcano" and more.

Cersei Lannister, Killmonger and 4 Other Antagonists We Love To Hate

Antagonists. We need them to provide balance to the protagonists of our stories and myths. Because, really, what kind of world would it be if we all just got along?

Why Soundtracks Love 'The Day of Wrath'

There's a musical name for dread, and it is 'Dies Irae.' How did this 13th-century Latin hymn become the go-to tune for conjuring up movie scares?

7 Times Misleading Movie Trailers Didn't Align with the Film

What happens when movie marketers try to get audiences into the cinema by misrepresenting the film they're trying to sell?

What Gets Left In, Out on In-Flight Movies Nowadays?

We think we know what gets censored out of movies shown on airplanes – like language and plane crashes. But the rise of streaming has changed the rules and added some cultural dimensions.

Streaming Thousands of Free Movies Is Totally Legal With a Library Card

Kanopy is looking to bring libraries and universities into the streaming age with access to its vast collection.

Why 'Star Wars' Chose YouTube for Its New Series 'Forces of Destiny'

Why would a cinematic giant like 'Star Wars' go digital first with its newest stories?

Quodpot or Quidditch? Wizarding Worlds Aren't All the Same

In the world of Harry Potter, being a wizard in the United States is a lot different than being a wizard in England. Now who’s up for a game of quodpot?

5 Cool Things the Women Who Inspired 'Hidden Figures' Accomplished

The black female mathematicians who worked at NASA during the Space Race were scientific savants who helped make some pretty amazing advances in aeronautics.

5 Awesome Behind-the-scenes Facts About 'Rogue One'

Get the scoop on the new "Star Wars" movie, straight from the cast and crew.

5 Movies and Stories to Get You Even More Psyched to See 'Rogue One'

You could probably see "Rogue One" with no prior knowledge of "Star Wars" and be fulfilled, but checking out these things beforehand will kick the experience up a notch.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Right Here

As No-Majs, or muggles, we can't see the world's magical creatures. Luckily, they're everywhere in the new film set in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. We meet three.

Dolla Dolla Bills Y'all: The Real Business of Fake Movie Money

Companies that make prop money for movies and videos have to walk a fine line between making cash that looks realistic, but not crossing into counterfeit.

What's Up With Captain America's Shield?

You'll want to be up to speed on Cap's amazing shield before you go see "Captain America: Civil War." We can help you with that.

Anyone Can Make Vladimir Putin Smile

Yep, real-time motion capture and re-enactment just got faster (and funnier).

How Spoilers Work

Is it possible — just maybe — that spoilers don't actually (spoiler!) spoil all the fun?

How BB-8 Got His Voice

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” introduced one of the most iconic new characters in the form of the rolling droid BB-8. But how did he learn to speak?

'Star Wars': Everything We Know About the Planet Jakku (So Far)

It’s a desert planet, but it’s not Tatooine. This new location seems pivotal to “The Force Awakens,” so what exactly do we actually know about it?

Making a Delightful ‘Star Wars’

If you’re writing and directing a new “Star Wars” movie, you’ve got a built-in fan base to entertain and keep happy. Will viewers be delighted with “The Force Awakens”?

Keeping the Secrets of ‘Star Wars’

The details of “The Force Awakens” have been shrouded in mystery since the film started shooting — and that’s no accident. Will that make for happy audiences?

10 Movies Based on Scientific Falsehoods

The suspension of disbelief is part of the movie-going experience. But some films that invoke science to set up their plots are doing so in ways that are totally, utterly preposterous.

Why do high frame rate films look different?

A good movie transports you to another universe. But what if that universe is so authentic it's visually jarring? Step into the debate about hyper-real high frame rate films!

10 Horrific Deaths That Happened While Filming a Movie

Moviemaking is not a profession without its own dangers, but for all the fake gore and dismemberment in the movies, there are tragic tales of filming gone wrong.

What's an establishing shot?

From "The Shining" to "The Shawshank Redemption," from Hogwarts to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, find out how establishing shots immerse audiences in movies' settings.