Movie Theaters

Movie Theaters explain why movies look and sound so real while you're inhaling that giant tub of buttered popcorn and box of minty JuJu beans at the local multiplex.


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10 Ways Our Moviegoing Experience Will Change

A blockbuster with popcorn and a soda has been a cinema standard for years. But to keep audiences coming to theaters, theaters are exploring new ways to up their game.

Why do movie tickets cost so much?

It's a quaint notion that taking in a motion picture is an inexpensive way to pass the evening. Contemporary theaters charge big bucks for blockbuster experiences -- but why?

Why do some IMAX screens seem smaller than others?

We associate IMAX movies with big, immersive experiences -- and pay higher prices for the tickets. So does screen size impact our optimal optical enjoyment?

Why don't movie theaters have ushers anymore?

In the golden age of cinema, it was an honor to don an usher's formal uniform and report to work. Times have certainly changed -- and the job has, too.

How Digital Cinema Works

Big changes are brewing in the movie industry: Emerging digital technology is about to revolutionize studios as well as your local movie theater. Find out why Hollywood's going digital!

How did they get a huge IMAX camera to the top of Mt. Everest?

The article How IMAX Works says the camera weighs over 200 pounds -- so how did they create the IMAX films in the space shuttle or the one on Mt. Everest? There is no way people lugged a 200-pound camera to the top of Mt. Everest!

How IMAX Works

If you've ever seen an IMAX movie, you know it's not a typical film. It sometimes takes years to produce, resulting in an incredible unmatched viewing experience. Find out all about this amazing movie-making technology!

Where is the best place to sit when I go to the movies?

Some pairs argue over where to sit when they go to the movies. Some people just don't care. In most theaters, however, there is indeed a best place to sit, and we’ll let you in on the secret.

How Movie Sound Works

Spielberg has said that sound is the major technological achievement of contemporary film. Indeed, much has changed since the first 'talkies,' when a musical score and a few bits of dialogue first made cinematic history.

How THX Works

When you see the THX logo splashed across a movie screen, and hear the trademark Deep Note, you know that you are in for an audio feast. But what does that logo mean? Find out what THX is and why it improves your movie experience.

How Movie Screens Work

When you sit down in a movie theater the screen is the center of attention. But have you ever walked up close and looked at it? Discover the intricacies of a movie screen and learn how to find the best seat in the house.

How Movie Projectors Work

When you see a movie in the theater, do you notice the projector? Without it, you'd be staring at a blank screen. Enter the projection booth and learn what it takes to show a movie.