Animation delves inside the concepts, drafts, sketches and final pixels of the most popular animated movies such as "The Incredibles", "Cars" and "A Shark's Tale".


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Why Bugs Bunny Is Spectacular

He's one of the most iconic cartoon characters ever. But why?

Is Bugs Bunny a Rabbit or a Hare?

The terms 'rabbit' and 'hare' actually comprise more than 50 distinct species with significant physical differences. So what is this wascally cartoon character, weally?

Who made the first animated movie?

If an animated movie is made of moving images that tell a story and introduce a unique character, then it's hard to name the father of animation. We'll introduce you to a few fathers, though.

How Brickfilm Works

Stop-motion animation takes on its own unique charm when it's done with building blocks such as Lego bricks. In fact, there's an entire culture of filmmaking built around this niche style.

Did Disney blacklist the voice actress for Snow White?

"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is one of the most successful movies of all time. Could that explain why we never (literally) heard from Snow White again?

How Animation Software Works

Computer animation is commonplace now, so much so that you may think human animators are a thing of the past. But rest assured, there are artists behind every cartoon pixel.

10 Outrageous Cartoon Moments That Use Real Physics

Cartoons are full of wacky hijinks and impossible science. But once in a while, a movie or TV show gets the physics right. Here are 10 times that writers and animators have done their homework.

How Computer Animation Works

Computer animation makes possible many things that could not be done with traditional animation. Learn more about this fast-growing field.

How ActiveX for Animation Works

ActiveX allows internet users to play animations and movies in their we browsers. Learn more about ActiveX.

10 Favorite Cartoons of Animator Chuck Jones

Animator Chuck Jones created iconic characters such as Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Daffy Duck and the Roadrunner. Read interesting tidbits about the 10 favorite cartoons of Chuck Jones.

Why did 'The Simpsons Movie' take so long to make?

The Simpsons Movie' has been a long time coming, with writers working on and improving the script since 2003. Read more about 'The Simpsons Movie' and its even earlier beginnings as a series of animated shorts in the 1980s.

How Machinima Works

Machinima takes its name from the combination of the words machine and cinema --machinima films use virtual environments and actors from video games to tell stories. Just why is this platform so popular?

Making 'The Incredibles'

For "The Incredibles," CGI masters at Pixar tackled the Holy Grail of computer animation: realistic humans. See what the creative team told us about producing this mega hit.

Inside 'Shark Tale'

Have you ever noticed how much Will Smith and Renee Zellweger resemble fish? Neither did we until Dreamworks "fishified" the actors into Oscar and Angie for the animated movie “Shark Tale.”