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You'll Never Guess What Company Makes the World's Most Tires

There are a ton manufactured every year across the world. So what company makes the most? You'll probably be shocked to find out.

Barbie Turns 60, Becomes an Astrophysicist

To celebrate her big 6-0, Mattel has released six special edition Barbies: astronaut, firefighter, news anchor, pilot, politician and soccer player and, this fall, astrophysicist.

Legos Go Green!

Lego has switched to a sugarcane-based plastic as part of its commitment to using only sustainably-sourced materials.

Why Legos Have Stood the Test of Time

Today's Lego bricks probably aren't what you grew up with.

Mattel Honors Muslim-American Olympic Athlete With New Barbie

Mattel released its latest Sheroe version of the iconic Barbie — and she's the first ever to wear an hijab.

Who Wants to Build Their Own R2-D2?

Because a $100 Droid Inventor Kit may allow you to do just that.

Researchers Reveal the Dark Side of Bounce Houses

What could possibly go wrong when you stick a bunch of kids inside a bouncy house on a hot summer day?

Lego Sets Have Become More Violent, New Study Finds

Once considered a paragon of creative, free-form play, Lego sets today incorporate more weapons and suggest more violent behavior than ever before.

10 Historical Toys

Toys have evolved throughout history, but many of the simplest have remained the most popular since the dawn of time. Which of these 10 historic toys did you grow up playing with?

10 Totally Rad '80s Toys… And Where They Are Now

Get a blast from the past with our totally awesome top 10 toys list from the '80s! Did your favorites make the list? Find out which of the nostalgia-inducing toys are still around today.

10 Science Toys Kids Will Love

Kids who love science and math will want to get their hands on these super-fun games that make the learning part of play time.

Who invented the action figure?

The first doll made specifically for boys -- deemed an "action figure" -- lived up to its name and became a global phenomenon.

What was the first cartoon made for existing toys?

It's expected these days to have cartoons based on kids' toys -- and vice versa -- but that wasn't always the case. Which toy started the trend?

Can you predict which toys will become collectors' items?

If you buy toys solely because you're hoping to make a bunch of money, you might want to come up with a different investment plan. It's hard to predict which ones will become valuable in the future.

How do toys get recalled?

Although we trust toy companies to make toys that are safe, mistakes can be made. Keeping up with recalls can help keep kids safe. But who decides when a toy is recalled?

Have cell phones ruined toy walkie-talkies?

Before kids had cell phones, walkie-talkies were really the only method of long distance communication while playing. Are they a thing of the past?

How did 'Star Wars' change the toy industry?

Although there were toys based on movies before the first "Star Wars" film, none of them exploded in popularity quite like those little action figures.

Do Push Toys Really Help Kids Learn to Walk?

There are a lot of toys on the market that claim to help your child learn how to walk, but what do the experts say? Is a push toy better than a walker?

Are knock-off toys dangerous?

It might be tempting to buy a knock-off toy because they're cheaper and often just as pleasing to your kid. However, they may be harmful to your child.

What's a German-style board game?

You like to play board games but often they take too long and an argument breaks out among the kids as to who's cheating. Maybe you should try a German-style board game instead.

How is doll hair rooted?

You don't need to be a professional to start customizing dolls; rooting their hair is an easy way to change their look.

Are pedal cars safe for kids?

Any kid with long enough and strong enough legs (along with the cognitive development to not run into trees or other kids) can work a pedal car. But are they safe?

How Hot Wheels Work

What would you get if you hit a regular car with a shrink-ray and made it 64 times smaller? A Hot Wheels car, of course! These tiny, scale-model cars are still around, and still popular with kids — and lots of adults, too.

How Mold-A-Rama Works

Approach the machine, drop in some coins and watch as hot plastic is molded into a train, gorilla or Frankenstein's monster. Mold-A-Rama machines remain popular with nostalgia fans, but what makes them so appealing?

How Shrinky Dinks Work

What could be more exciting than drawing or coloring on a piece of plastic, then watching that drawing shrink in the oven?