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Johann Sebastian Bach: A Duelling, Fighting, Hard-drinking Rock Star Turns 334

Bach was and is a towering figure in musical history, but what is it that makes him so great?

'Baby Shark' and Other Kiddie Tunes to Hit the Billboard Charts

Thanks to its viral YouTube video, the addictive kid's song is making waves on the music charts. Surprisingly, it's not an isolated phenomenon.

Who Is BTS and Why Are They Taking Over the Pop Music World?

K-pop phenoms BTS beat out several political figures — and even our own planet — to take first place in Time magazine's 2018 online poll for person of the year. How did they pull it off?

5 Reasons Concert Tickets Are So Expensive

You paid how much for that Taylor Swift concert? Why are musicians charging so much for live shows these days?

10 Famous Guitars

Guitar gods like Les Paul are known for playing the same instrument throughout their career. Here we feature 10 famous guitars and the musicians who loved them.

Mamma Mia! The ABBA Quiz

Take a chance on our ABBA quiz and find out how much you know about the 70s Swedish supergroup!

How Did Nashville Become the Hub of Country Music?

How this relatively small Southern city beat out the others to become 'Music City U.S.A.'?

Who Is Sister Christian, Anyway?

Is she a nun? A jilted lover? We know you're dying to find out.

5 Differences Between Spotify and Apple Music

Start studying up for the streaming wars, music lovers.

Why Teen 'Death Discs' Dominated the Airwaves in the '60s

During the early 1960s, many songs featuring tragic teen deaths, usually in car crashes, became huge hits. What was behind this morbid craze?

How the Grammys Work

Billions of dollars' worth of CDs and digital downloads are sold each year and the Grammy Awards recognize the people who create all this music. How are winners picked and who have been some of the most controversial?

Hear the Highest Note Ever Sung at the Metropolitan Opera

Soprano Audrey Luna sings an A over high C, the highest note ever achieved onstage at the Metropolitan Opera.

The Comeback of the Cassette

Hot on the heels of the vinyl revival comes a mini-boom for cassette sales. But who's really buying them?

The Vinyl Album Is Dead. Long Live the Album!

Will subscription music services – and the unlikely comeback of vinyl – save the music album from extinction?

How Kronos Quartet and NASA Will Transform the Solar Eclipse Into Music

The renowned string quartet will improvise live music to accompany 'space sounds' created by sonification of the total solar eclipse.

Are Pop Song Lyrics Getting More Repetitive?

A computer programmer used data analysis to crunch the numbers for six decades of pop music's hottest hits.

See the Wildest Winners of Competition to Invent New Musical Instruments

Where else can you find an instrument that can be played with a mallet, a violin bow or a hair comb?

5 Things You Didn't Know About Bob Marley

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery by learning more about this reggae superstar.

How Does the YMCA Feel About the Village People Song 'Y.M.C.A.'?

Nearly four decades after the Village People anthem hit the discos, the song's namesake still isn't really ready to fully embrace it.

5 Things You Didn't Know About 'London Calling'

When the Clash started working on their third album, they had no idea it would be so influential.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Jim Morrison

Which other famous rock star inspired the Lizard King's persona?

Is Music Sampling Dead? Not So Fast

The copyright infringement lawsuits didn't kill off sampling. Musicians just figured out how to hide it better so artists often can't tell they're being sampled.

Do We Really Stop Caring About Music As We Get Older?

Not everyone agrees that as you age, you only want to hear the oldies.

What Does Your Playlist Say About Your Personality?

Whether you love cheery pop tunes or melodramatic ballads has a lot to do with your age and gender, right? Actually, your musical taste depends more on your personality.

Pianist Plays Gorgeous Music While Floating in the Arctic Ocean

Ludovico Einaudi's 'Elegy for the Arctic' is part of a Greenpeace campaign to draw attention to the region's rapidly melting ice.

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