The Toys Channel has articles explaining how some of the coolest and most well-loved toys actually work. Learn the secrets of yo-yos, the wonder of LEGO bricks and magic of Baby Einstein.


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How Easy-Bake Ovens Work

Making real baked treats in a toy oven is one of the great joys of childhood. Who knew that the heat of a light bulb would create a childhood culinary icon?

10 Antique Toys That Still Look Like Fun

Although kids have always improvised things to play with, toys, as we know them, have actually been around only for a few centuries. Some of the hoops and pedal cars of yesteryear would still be fun to play with, we think.

10 Toys So Popular They Incited Violence

Would you knock down a fellow shopper to get your hands on a toy? Here are 10 toys that inspired some heinous acts of violence in the name of spreading holiday cheer.

10 Classic Toys That Could Kill You

Whether you grew up in the carefree '50s or the safety-conscious '90s, you probably know of a toy that was lots of fun and, in hindsight, flat-out dangerous. Most are off the shelves now, but this list might bring back memories.

10 Must-have Toys for 2012

Every holiday season, there's that handful of "it" toys -- the hottest gifts for kids. Which products will Santa be delivering the most in 2012?

Inside an Etch-a-Sketch

The Etch-a-Sketch drawing toy has been popular with several generations of children -- and it's a pretty amazing device. We cracked one open to see what was inside.

How Slot Car Racing Works

The slot car craze hit the U.S. in the 1960s and it continues to remain the hobby of choice for many enthusiasts. But did you know that the idea for slot cars originated nearly 100 years ago?

How Pinewood Derbies Work

The very first Pinewood Derby was held more than 50 years ago; yet even now, Cub Scouts find the event just as challenging and fun as it was then.

Who invented the Barbie doll and why?

She's held down more than 80 jobs, including paleontologist, astronaut and McDonald's cashier. She comes dressed to thrill in ball gowns and ski slope chic. So why would anyone compare her to an adults-only German doll?

Classic Toys & Games

The Slinky and Play-Doh have been popular with children generation after generation. This collection of pictures shows these and other popular children's toys throughout the years.

Advanced Yo-Yo Tricks for Kids

If you've mastered all the other yo-yo tricks, try these. These feats of yo-yo dexterity and skill are fun to both watch and perform. Wow your friends by learning advanced yo-yo tricks for kids like the Texas Star, the Skyrocket, the Bank Deposit and more.

Intermediate Yo-Yo Tricks

Although the design of the yo-yo is simple, a skilled user can perform eye-popping feats of coordination and skill. Ready for the next level? Learn intermediate yo-yo tricks like the Loop the Loop, the Dog Bite and the Eiffel Tower.

Easy Yo-Yo Tricks

Want to be a Yo-Yo Master? Start with easy yo-yo tricks. Even if you've never held a yo-yo in your hand these are some fun basic tricks you can learn in no time! Learn easy impressive tricks like the Gravity Pull the Sleeper and Walking the Dog.

Yo-Yo Basics

Yo-yo popularity like the toy itself goes up and down. Read how the yo-yo came about find out which yo-yo type is right for you and learn how to make yo-yo knots adjust tension or attach a new string. Get the hang of your yo-yo in this article.

23 Must-Have Toys from the 1950s and Beyond

Remember your favorite toy? It probably created a big stir in stores. Read this selection of must-have toys to find out if yours made the list.

Sept. 6, 1959: Mattel's Barbie Goes on Sale

The world's most recognizable doll, Barbie was introduced in 1959 by Mattel, and she continues to entrance young girls half a century later. Learn about Barbie's history and what she has to do with a German doll named Lilli.

How Juggling Works

Once confined to vaudeville and music halls, today's jugglers do anything from plate spinning to playing with devil sticks. In fact, you could define juggling as using feats of dexterity to manipulate one or more objects.

July 12: Etch-A-Sketch is Introduced

The invention of the Etch-a-Sketch ushered in a new way to make art without making a mess. Learn about the history, design and inventor of the Etch-a-Sketch device, and how this simple toy became a long-lived classic.

How to Make Toys

Add your own personal touch to a child's toy collection by making toys yourself. This article provides instructions for making everything from play dough to jigsaw puzzles, rocking horses and sandboxes.

How Silly String Works

Did you know that Silly String has been saving lives in the Iraq War since December 2006? Our article reveals many little known facts about this substance. Find out how troops have used it learn the history of the silly string mystery and uncover its effects on the environment.

How Lego Bricks Work

For many, Lego building is not kid's play at all. In fact, some amazing works of art and pieces of machinery have been made from this classic toy. Watch a cool video and see impressive images of Lego genius.

How Yo-Yos Work

Yo-yos can be traced back at least 2500 years. It's a toy with true staying power and it lately it’s gone high-tech -- ever heard of a yo-yo with a clutch? Learn about yo-yo physics, tricks, history and some serious upgrades in design.

How Rumble Robots Work

Rumble Robots were one of the most popular toys to hit the shelves in 2001. While there's no revolutionary machinery involved in their design, they do combine several familiar technologies in an innovative way.

How Do You Throw a Boomerang So That It Comes Back to You?

Throwing a boomerang isn't as easy as it looks in cartoons. There's a technique to it — learn how to throw a boomerang (and have it actually come back to you) in this article!

How Water Blasters Work

The classic little water gun has evolved into a double-barrel water blaster that can soak someone standing 50 feet away. This isn't your father's water gun. The pump mechanisms at work here are pretty ingenious. Take a look inside these high-power toys.