Time to Get Gross: The Garbage Pail Kids Quiz

By: Alia Hoyt
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Time to Get Gross: The Garbage Pail Kids Quiz
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About This Quiz

There was a lot of beautiful stuff going on in the '80s. Then, there were the Garbage Pail Kids. Take a walk down memory lane with this icky quiz.
The very first Garbage Pail Kids card released depicted "Nasty Nick." What is he dressed as?
a garbage collector
a cowboy
a vampire
One would think the creators would have gone with something related to the brand, but not in this case. Nasty Nick is dressed as a vampire, and about to bite into a female doll. Incidentally, this card is the most coveted of all, valued at $7,500.
The Garbage Pail Kids were launched as a parody of what popular 1980s brand?
Pound Puppies
Cabbage Patch Kids
If the Cabbage Patch Kids were the sweet and hard-working crowd, the Garbage Pail Kids were the ones that terrorized them. The latter was created and launched by baseball card maker Topps in 1985 to make fun of the beloved baby dolls. The makers of Cabbage Patch Kids sued Topps in 1986, forcing them to change their likeness.
Care Bears
Which U.S. president was depicted on Garbage Pail Kids card 46?
John F. Kennedy
Ronald Reagan
The sitting president at the height of Garbage Pail fame, Reagan's cards were named Ray Gun or Rappin' Ron. Incidentally, every card had two versions. The artwork was always the same, but the name changed.
Bill Clinton


What did kids who lived in Italy call the Garbage Pail Kids?
The Snotlings
This name is appropriate, as mucus is often featured in card artwork. In France the product was known as The Totally Broken Kids, while German children knew them as The Filthies.
The Totally Broken Kids
The Trashies
Which Garbage Pail Kids is most commonly associated with the brand?
Nasty Nick
Adam Bomb
The first five series of Garbage Pail Kids cards featured Adam Bomb on the packaging, making him one of the most recognizable of the brand. It doesn't hurt that he has a mushroom cloud coming out of his brain, either. That's a hard image to forget.
Junky Jeff
The Fran Fran card originally had a different name. What was it?
Fanny Franny
Schizo Fran
Even Topps thought it too much to make fun of schizophrenia. So, they eventually changed the name to Fran Fran. The card showed a doll with two heads that seemed to be fighting each other.
Fran the Man


The card for Nerdy Norm shows the character with what two items?
caffeinated drinks and cigarettes
This name is puzzling, but the counterpart card (with the same picture and different name) makes more sense — Nervous Rex.
glasses and broken underwear (from all the wedgies)
protractors and Star Wars toys
What's significant about the 1987 "Garbage Pail Kids Movie"?
The film was never released officially.
It has no plot. Only gross-out comedy.
It's considered one of the worst films ever made.
The movie scores a big fat zero on the Rotten Tomatoes scale. It was also a box office bomb. Made with a budget of $1 million, it earned just $1.6 million.
A Saturday morning Garbage Pail Kids cartoon was canceled (before airing) at the last minute. Which show replaced it?
"Muppet Babies"
An extra half hour of "Muppet Babies" was aired instead. Talk about an about face! Parental complaints caused the Garbage Pail Kids cartoon to be shelved.
"Inspector Gadget"
"Cabbage Patch Kids Take Over"


Fryin' Brian and Electric Bill showed a boy doing what?
sticking his finger in an electric socket
getting electrocuted by a power line
being fried in an electric chair
Capital punishment isn't generally considered cause for comedy, but the Garbage Pail Kids did it anyway!
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