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5 Facts About James Holzhauer, the Guy Who Might Break 'Jeopardy!'

James Holzhauer is breaking records on the much-loved quiz show with a killer combination of trivia smarts, buzzer-savvy and a gambler's instincts.

Desi Arnaz: Ricky Ricardo and a TV Pioneer Too

There was much more to Desi Arnaz than playing Lucy's Cuban bandleader husband, Ricky Ricardo, on "I Love Lucy."

A Short History of How Netflix Won World Domination in Streaming

They have a date for when they'll deliver the last DVD, too.

A Conversation With the Man Behind Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch

His name is Caroll Spinney, and he's been bringing these beloved 'Sesame Street' characters to life for nearly 50 years.

The Wild Back and Forth of Netflix's 'Wild Wild Country'

Netflix's hit docuseries has it all: cult leaders, sex, biowarfare and illegal wiretapping. The one thing it's missing: a happy ending.

King of the 'Hill Street' Quiz: How Much Do You Know About TV Icon Steven Bochco?

Few people have had the impact of Steven Bochco, whose long-game storylines and gritty characters redefined TV dramas. Take our quiz to learn more about this famous small-screen writer and producer.

Were the Flintstones Neanderthals?

"The Flintstones" were a modern Stone-Age family, but were they early predecessors of Homo sapiens or Neanderthals?

Why Are Popular TV Shows Splitting Seasons?

There are strategic reasons writers and creators of huge TV shows like 'Breaking Bad' and 'Game of Thrones' are splitting their seasons into two, shorter segments.

Why Comedians Name Their Characters and Shows After Themselves

Do producers of shows like "Seinfeld" and "Louie" think comedians wouldn't respond to different names? Or that the audience wouldn't?

How 'The Simpsons' Works

"The Simpsons" is famed for its biting humor and lovable, eccentric characters. But what makes the record-setting show so special?

How U.S. Public Broadcasting Works

Public broadcasting in the U.S. is divided into NPR for radio and PBS for TV. Both have been on the air for years and remain popular, amid recurring calls for government defunding. Here's why.

How 'Schoolhouse Rock!' Works

"Schoolhouse Rock" was never just a cartoon. It taught kids of the '70s and '80s about everything from American history and multiplication to grammar and science, without them really knowing it.

40 Years Later, Slim Goodbody Is Still Encouraging Kids to Make Healthy Choices

Decades after his run on "Captain Kangaroo," the self-described health crusader is still on the mission to educate children about the human body.

People Are Spending Two Months In Jail for a Reality Show

There's no big money prize (or any prize) waiting for those who stick it out. So, what motivates them?

5 Reasons Why Mister Rogers Was the Best Neighbor Ever

Can you say, "amazing"? Here are five facts about the real Mister Rogers that may surprise you.

Why Do Ads Say 'the Big Game' Instead of 'the Super Bowl'?

Although the NFL might seem particularly litigious, experts say the organization is just protecting itself from trademark infringement.

5 Things You Didn't Know About 'Sesame Street'

This well-loved children's show was more controversial than you might think.

50 Years and Counting: 'Star Trek' Writers Explain Its Serious Staying Power

David Gerrold and D.C. Fontana, two writers responsible for some of your favorite pieces of "Star Trek," talk about why the series is still beloved by so many.

10 Secrets of Filming Reality TV Shows

We know that there's a lot of fakeness in so-called reality shows. But do you know the lengths some of the producers go to get the results they want?

Now You Have Another Reason to Neflix

Here's the math behind that stat, for all you cord cutters or would-be cord cutters.

Predicting the Next Death on 'Game of Thrones'

"Game of Thrones" fans, beware spoilers — a new computer program predicts the death of the show's characters.

10 Most Fun TV Shows About Science

Who says science can't be fun? Not the hosts and crews behind these captivating shows. These programs are engaging, funny, entertaining, even silly — and you might actually learn something while you watch!

10 Most Game-Changing Developments in the TV Industry

The TV itself isn't the only thing that's changed over the last 65-plus years in the industry. Many things—some good, some, well, not so good—have contributed to America's obsession with the boob tube.

10 Canceled TV Shows That Came Back

“Canceled.” The worst word the crew of a TV show can hear. The best words? “We're giving your show a second chance.” And a second shot is exactly what these shows all got—some for just one more season, others for many more.

10 Spin-off TV Shows That Made It Big

Spin-offs can make it big (hello, "Frasier"). Sometimes they don't (we loved you on "Friends," "Joey"). These 10 were huge—sometimes bigger than the original show.