Baseball is America's game, but it is quickly becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Read about your favorite sluggers, pitchers and teams throughout history.
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Many pundits believe that Ned Hanlon created the position of manager as we know it today. Along with tactical innovations, Hanlon’s men bent the rules and often shattered them. Read about his legacy that influenced great managers well into the 20th century.

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1971 Baseball Season

The 1971 baseball season featured Tom Seaver's record 10-in-a-row strikeouts, and great pitching seasons from Vida Blue, Ferguson Jenkins, and Catfish Hunter. Learn about the 1971 baseball season including the 1971 World Series.

1906 Baseball Season

The 1906 baseball season saw the first one-city World Series. Over the next 83 years, there would be 14 more -- 13 played in New York. But the 1906 World Series was the first, last, and only all-Chicago affair.

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