Baseball Hall of Famers

Hall of Famers command respect whether they are from the 1920s or 1990s. Learn who are the legendary great pitchers, catchers, infielders and outfielders in this section.

Topics to Explore:

The Baseball Teams Channel will introduce you to all of the baseball teams of both the American League and the National League.

Hall of Fame Players are truly heads and shoulders above the rest of the players in the league's history. See which players earned a bronze statue in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Managers in major league baseball all have good players, but the Hall of Fame Managers were able to make good teams great and great teams absolutely sensational.

Baseball's Front Office is often overshadowed by the players and managers, but so much goes on behind the scenes to contribute to Hall of Fame teams.

League Officials are also selected into the Hall of Fame because without these administrators, the league could simply not function.

Umpires in the Hall of Fame are truly in a league of their own and deserve a lot of praise. Umpires are perhaps more remembered from the constant jeering than anything else.

The Baseball Hall of Fame also has a collection of Other people that are largely responsible for starting the sport and helping to build it into America's pastime.