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Baseball is America's game, but it is quickly becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Read about your favorite sluggers, pitchers and teams throughout history.

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Does a corked bat really hit farther?

Well, sure, because it's lighter, right? Not so fast, baseball fans and budding physicists. The answer is a little more complicated.

Which hit farther: wood bats or aluminum bats?

in the 1970s, aluminum bats began pinging their way across baseball diamonds. Ever since then, people have wondered if a batter's metal mattered more than his or her mettle. Does it?

How can I meet my favorite baseball team?

They may be your heroes on the diamond but they're not untouchable. With a little planning and moxie, you can get face-to-face with your favorite team. Here's how.

How a Baseball Scorecard Works

If you like watching baseball, there's an easy way for you to get even more involved in the game than merely sitting in the stands. A baseball scorecard lets you record every detail of the action on the field.

5 Fantasy Baseball Draft Tips

Like the actual sport, fantasy baseball is a thinking person's game. What strategies can you use to play it smart?

How Sabermetrics Works

You might be surprised to learn that baseball front offices are littered with people who are statistically inclined. Is a new kind of math changing America's favorite pastime and the way coaches and players are evaluated?

1912 Baseball Season

For the 1912 baseball season, three new ballparks opened -- Fenway, Navin Field (later Tiger Stadium), and Cincinnati's Redland Field (later Crosley Field) -- and, coincidentally or not, the major leagues reached the offensive peak of the decade.

1913 Baseball Season

Somehow during the 1913 baseball season -- possibly by increased use of the spitball and other trick pitches -- major league pitchers began to regain their mastery over hitters. See all the highlights including the 1913 World Series.

1914 Baseball Season

The 1914 baseball season belonged to the Boston Braves, who rose from last place in July to a pennant in the fall. Starting the season with a 4-18 record and without injured shortstop Rabbit Maranville, manager George Stallings saw his team unite by midsummer.

1915 Baseball Season

The 1915 baseball season saw the end of the Federal League and Babe Ruth's first homer, as well as another World Series between Boston and Philadelphia. See all the highlights including the 1915 World Series.

1911 Baseball Season

The 1911 baseball season showcased the legendary Ty Cobb among many other players. Both leagues used the lively, cork-centered ball throughout the season, bringing at least a holiday from the dead-ball era while pitchers were put on the defensive.

1910 Baseball Season

The 1910 baseball season was another dead-ball year which meant it was good for pitchers like Cy Young. With few home runs, baseball for most of the 1910s was low-scoring and dominated by pitching, defense, and the running game.

1908 Baseball Season

At the end of the 1908 baseball season, the Cubs won the World Series -- their last in almost 100 years. Learn all about the 1908 baseball season.

1909 Baseball Season

Capping the 1909 baseball season, the Pittsburgh Pirates won the most exciting World Series to date. Learn more about the 1909 baseball season.

1904 Baseball Season

During the 1904 baseball season, supporters enjoyed the first of many Boston vs. New York pennant races. Learn more about the 1904 baseball season.

1905 Baseball Season

Batting averages were low and ERAs were high during the 1905 baseball season. Get the statistics and highlights for the lackluster 1905 baseball season here.

1906 Baseball Season

The 1906 baseball season saw the first one-city World Series. Over the next 83 years, there would be 14 more -- 13 played in New York. But the 1906 World Series was the first, last, and only all-Chicago affair.

1907 Baseball Season

Though the 1907 baseball season is known as the "Year of Cobb" the Chicago Cubs won the World Series over the Detroit Tigers. Learn about Ty Cobb's outstanding offensive achievements, and other highlights of the 1907 baseball season.

1901 Baseball Season

In the 1901 baseball season, for the first time in a decade, there were two major leagues. Two years were to pass before they learned to coexist peacefully. In the meantime, it was all-out war. Read more about the 1901 season.

1902 Baseball Season

During the 1902 baseball season, the feud between the National League and the American league began to boil over. Find out what happened…

1903 Baseball Season

After the 1903 baseball season, the two first-place clubs played what would become known as the World Series. Learn more about the 1903 season.

Baseball History

Tradition and history are two of baseball's greatest traits. Throughout the years the game has stood tall and proud holding strong through the toughest of times, even through war. Learn about the history of baseball and its stars.

2003 Baseball Season

The 2003 baseball season featured the Florida Marlins winning the World Series over the Yankees -- despite the hopes of fans of the long-absent Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox. Learn more highlights, league leaders, and statistics from the 2003 baseball season.

1956 Baseball Season

The New York Yankees opened the 1956 baseball season wanting revenge. Their target: The Brooklyn Dodgers, who had taken the World Series championship the previous year. Read more highlights of the 1956 baseball season.

1955 Baseball Season

The 1955 baseball season saw the Brooklyn Dodgers nip the Yanks in seven tough games to win it all. Revisit the 1955 Baseball season with this season recap full of highlights and the biggest headlines.