Sports are an integral part of our culture and give many of us a reason to cheer and jeer. Learn about the history of sports and how your favorite sports really work.

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Jaw-dropping Moves From Rio-ready Trampoline Gymnasts

What other sport allows you to fly 30 feet into the air and perform a fliffis?

Cheese Rolling Is No Joke. But It's Still Pretty Funny.

This year, on the last Monday in May, people will chase an 8-pound cheese down an absurdly steep hill in England. And it looks really fun.

Get Your Bubble On. No, Really.

There’s a new sport sweeping (or rolling across) the U.S.: bubble soccer. It gives a whole new meaning to the term bubble wrap.

Winning the Green Windbreaker: Inside the Real World of Pro Mini Golf

You might only win $4,000 if you take first place at this Masters tournament, but rest assured, professional miniature golf is real.

Former Jocks Report Happier Lives (Unless They Played Basketball or Football)

Study shows former college athletes report greater levels of well-being than nonathletes, except financially.

Cybathlon, a Global Bionics Competition, Debuts This October

The first-ever Cybathlon will showcase disabled competitors using state-of-the-art assistive robotic technology, from neuroproestheses to wearable exoskeletons.

Can You Really Cancel the Olympics?

With the Zika virus flourishing, some are calling for the cancellation of the Rio Olympics. But how feasible is this, really?

Why Some Fans Fall to Their Deaths in America's Sports Arenas

Some blame it on the spectators themselves, others on the railing heights.

The Real Reason Cities (Make That Taxpayers) Finance Sports Stadiums

Despite what team owners may say, the payment makes more sense psychologically than economically.

Who built the first miniature golf course?

Miniature golf is a classic family outing and beach vacation tradition. It's almost like a cartoon version of regular golf. Who would come up with such an idea?

10 Worst Calls in Sports History

OK, fine. Referees and umpires are human beings who make human mistakes. But why do they always have to make their human mistakes against our team? Here are 10 bad sports calls we're still debating.

10 Olympic Games That Nearly Bankrupted Their Host Countries

The cost of hosting the Olympic Games has risen astronomically, but some cities are willing to foot the bill in exchange for increased tourism and better infrastructure. But what happens when it doesn't pay off? Here are 10 cautionary tales.

What is the fourth out?

Baseball: It seems so deceptively simple. And then you try to explain it to someone who's not familiar with the game. And then you get even crazier and start ranting about the fourth out in a sport that's supposed to have only three.

Did Jackie Robinson Really Break Baseball's Color Barrier?

Who are some of the unsung players who paved the way for Robinson's momentous breakthrough?

How many ways can a batter reach first base?

Who's on first? And how did he get there? Believe it or not, there are dozens of ways for baseball players to get to first base.

How Umpires Work

Baseball is a game of inches, and umpires hold the tape measure. Sometimes they succeed, other times not. When they don't, it's not hyperbole to say that umpires are perhaps the most vilified people in sports.

What’s the infield fly rule?

Don't feel frustrated if you find the infield fly rule tricky to figure out. Even umpires sometimes get confused by it. Here's why.

How Bunting Works

Sometimes in baseball you have to think beyond the blast. It's a game of tactics, and occasionally a bunt -- dropping the ball short and slow, right where it will give the infield fits and maybe score the runner on third -- wins games.

How to Break In a Baseball Glove

This is one of those rituals with a dozen different "surefire" recipes. We'll look at what really works – and what's only half-baked – when it comes to breaking in a baseball glove.

What causes the yips?

They may sound like a group of characters in a Dr. Seuss book, but the yips are actually a serious malady for many athletes. What's behind this bewildering problem?

How Spring Training Works

Spring training reminds fans of how baseball used to be – cozy ball fields, lower prices and players willing to sign autographs and chat a little. But spring training is also a multimillion dollar tourist attraction for Florida and Arizona.

How Baseball Bats Work

A well-known baseball poem celebrates "the sound of the crack of a bat." What makes baseball bats crack – and break? And how do you find the sweet spot?

Do men really schedule their vasectomies during March Madness?

Some combos make sense to us. There's Homer and Marge. Bagels and cream cheese. Vasectomies and March Madness. Wait, what?

How the Negro Leagues Worked

The Negro Leagues may have been borne out of discrimination, but for generations of African-American ballplayers, they offered a real chance at fame and autonomy. How did the leagues start, and how was the color line finally broken?

The Greatest Olympians of All Time

Their athletic feats are the stuff of legend. Their dedication and fortitude boggle the minds of mere mortals. See the photos and learn the stories of 16 competitors who rose to the podium as they represented their countries in global competition.

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