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The Sound of Ancient Irish Horns, Rediscovered in Modern India

A musicologist uncovers a surprising link between the musical cultures of ancient Europe and India.

See the Band, Buy the T-shirt (More Easily)

You want to wear the cool T-shirt the day after the concert; the band wants your cash to fuel life on the road. The Merch Cat app is geared at making both things happen.

Killer Mike Talks Activism and Music at SxSW

Music executive Shanti Das and rapper Killer Mike have a conversation about Atlanta, music and social justice.

Red Lobster Owes Beyoncé Some Free Cheddar Bay Biscuits

But does name-checking a product in a song always mean a big sales bump?

Composing in Code: Musician-Programmers Are Changing the Way Music Is Made

Here's a riddle: If a musician creates an artificial intelligence that composes music, then who actually wrote the concerto?

Love Kate Bush? Join the Crowd. Literally.

Reenactments of the 'Wuthering Heights' video are happening all over the world in July.

5 Times David Bowie Was Censored in the Past

Overt religious themes? Canine-human hybrids? Gender-bending marionettes? Yep, David Bowie did it all, and often faced censorship because of it.

So Now Bling Means Blink, Drake? How Hip-Hop Pushes Linguistic Evolution

From fleek to bling to hood, hip-hop and teen culture influence the evolution of American and global English.

Where Have All the Angry Mainstream Musicians Gone?

Protest music? What's that? Maybe musicians today are too concerned about getting paid. Or maybe there are ones who care, but industry forces make it tough to get heard.

Now You Can Sing 'Happy Birthday' Without Looking Over Your Shoulder (Probably)

Now that "Happy Birthday to You" is free to use, people everywhere will publicly sing it, right? Most likely. But the answer's not so clear.

You Might Not Get to Hear Wu-Tang Clan's Latest Album

That infamous pharma exec Martin Shkreli just bought the sole copy. Bummer.

Not All Musicians Live Fast and Die Young

Sure, some do, but it depends on what kind of music you're listening to.

The Perfect Length for a Pop Song

Do we really prefer three-minute radio songs, or is that just what we're given?

Why do banjos sound so twangy?

At a glance, the banjo seems like a pretty simple instrument. In actuality, a complex combination of acoustics, physics and musicianship work in tandem to produce that signature twang.

Was Major Tom a real astronaut?

Did David Bowie really write "Space Oddity" to pay tribute to a brave astronaut who was lost in space? Or is it solely a testament to Bowie's unique brilliance?

What does 'digitally remastered' mean?

Your favorite band has just digitally remastered and reissued all of its albums. You already own everything they've ever made — should you buy them all again?

Who was the fifth Beatle?

John, Paul, George and Ringo were the Fab Four of The Beatles – or did they have a fifth member? Legend hints there was one, but who was he?

Does 'Dark Side of the Moon' really synch with 'The Wizard of Oz'?

Many Pink Floyd fans can attest the band's music can be mind-altering. So it's no surprise that if you have a feeling that you're not in Kansas any more, it might be because you've gone to the Dark Side of the Rainbow.

10 Connections Between Physics and Music

It's unlikely that most rock stars are thinking about physics during a performance, but all musicians have learned to manipulate sound waves to create their art.

Waxing Moronic: 10 Wrong Facts From Song Lyrics

Journey, you know we love you, but that "south Detroit" lyric in "Don't Stop Believin'" just mars an otherwise hard-rocking song. There. We got that one off our chest (along with a few others) inside the article.

How the RIAA Works

Known for its Gold and Platinum Record awards, the Recording Industry Association of America's goal is to promote and protect the music industry. But how does that mission lead to a lawsuit against a 12-year-old girl?

How to Sharpen Your Music Listening Skills

Would you like to know how to sharpen your music listening skills so that you listen to music rather than just hear it? This article shows you how to sharpen your music listening skills.

How Music Sampling Works

Have you ever heard a brand new song on the radio and realized that it sounds familiar? Chances are the producers sampled a drum break or a bass line from a classic song, reworking it into a completely new piece.

How to Make a PVC Pipe Instrument

Playing music isn't expensive when you make your own PVC pipe instrument. Learn about how to make a PVC pipe instrument in this article.

How Auto-Tune Works

Have you noticed in recent years that a lot of pop stars sometimes sound like singing robots? You've probably heard of the pitch-correcting software called Auto-Tune -- and its effect on modern music.