Quiz: Are You a True BTS Fan?

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So you think you know BTS? They're the K-Pop sensation all over the airways (and social media). But only the ultimate BTS ARMY fans can pass this quiz. See if you're good enough!
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How many members make up the K-Pop band known as BTS?
BTS has seven members: RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook.

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When the album "Love Yourself: Tear" was released, what hair color did all seven BTS members wear?
When all seven members of BTS appeared with matching black hair after the album was released, it surprised fans who normally rave over each member's colorful and ever-changing hairstyles.


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In what year did BTS release its debut album?
K-Pop began taking off in the late 1990s. BTS was formed in 2010, but their first album "2 Cool 4 Skool" was not released until 2013.

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A group of fictional cartoon characters known as BT21 were created based on each BTS member. What is the name of the eighth character in BT21 that represents the BTS fan base, also known as “ARMY”?
In 2017, BTS partnered with the company Line Friends to create intellectual property characters based on the seven members and its fanbase ARMY (known as Van in the BT21 universe). Today, BT21 has a YouTube show and sells merchandise, such as action figures and plushies, online and in stores around the world.


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Which ancient Greek god holds the name of the final track of BTS' 2019 album "Map of the Soul: Persona"?
BTS created a storm among fans by posting a full track list a few days before releasing the album on April 12, 2019. "Dionysus," the Greek god of vegetation, wine and ecstasy, trended on Twitter as fans tried to guess what the song might be about.

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Which Korean record label is BTS signed with?
Big Hit Entertainment
BTS is one of several artists signed with Big Hit Entertainment. The company went public in 2020 and hit a valuation of $8.38 billion.
SM Entertainment
JYP Entertainment


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Which of the following is NOT among BTS' accomplishments?
first K-Pop band to have an album debut at No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Top 200
first K-Pop stars to address the United Nations
first K-Pop band to win a Grammy
At least not yet. The BTS 2018 album "Love Yourself: Tear" was nominated for a Grammy for best recording package but did not win. In 2020, they were nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance but didn't win that either.

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What was the average price of tickets for the BTS Love Yourself Tour in the U.S. that sold out in 2018?
That average was greater than the average ticket prices for many other top tours in the same year, including Pearl Jam, The Eagles and Andrea Bocelli.


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BTS ARMY is the name given to the very passionate fans of BTS. In fact, the ARMY has an "Airport Etiquette Campaign" posted on its website. Which of these behaviors does the ARMY ask its members NOT to do when going to the airport to greet BTS?
Don't scream too loudly.
Stay at double arms' length from BTS members.
Don't run toward them.
all of the above
The campaign reminds its fans to "act maturely" at the airport and not engage in any of these behaviors.

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In South Korea, dozens of academies provide intensive training to those who aspire to be the next big K-Pop idol. According to CNN, one school has this rule on days when students have a TV appearance:
Take a mandatory hour-long nap in order to be fresh for TV.
Eat only one meal so as not to look bloated.
One school allows students just one meal on days they have TV appearances. That's because "being on camera makes you look fatter," a school trainer told CNN.
Get up at 5 a.m. to make sure there's time for hair and makeup.


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Which hit BTS song broke YouTube records for most-viewed music video premiere?
"Blood Sweat & Tears"
With more than 101 million views in the first 24 hours alone, the video for "Dynamite" easily broke the YouTube record. This was also the first single by the group sung entirely in English.

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Who is the youngest member of BTS?
Born in 1997, Jungkook (full name Jeon Junk-kook) is the youngest member of the group.


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Which BTS member has a vlog dedicated to talking about food?
Known as "Eat Jin," the vlog is a popular way for fans to connect with the singer, whose nickname is "Worldwide Handsome."

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What is the so-called "BTS Law" in South Korea?
Anyone who gets too close to a K-Pop star can be prosecuted by the federal government.
People who've helped to elevate South Korea's worldwide influence can delay military service.
In South Korea it is mandatory for able-bodied men between the ages of 18 and 28 to serve in the military. However, in 2020 South Korea's National Assembly revised the Military Service Act to allow K-pop stars who've received specific commendations to postpone until age 30 because they help to elevate the country's international image.
Federal funding is provided for young men and women who wish to train to be pop stars.


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BTS singer Suga had surgery in 2020 on what body part?
his knee
his shoulder
Back in 2012, Suga was hit by a car while working as a delivery boy. A labrum in his shoulder was torn, which has caused problems over the years, so he had it repaired in 2020.
his right foot

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How long did it take Suga to write the song "Telepathy"?
30 minutes
"Telepathy," a song on the album BE, took him just 30 minutes to write, start to finish.
several months
Years. It was a work in progress from the early days of BTS.


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What was the purpose of the song "Dynamite"?
to help the world heal in the throes of COVID-19
Although it certainly grew BTS's fan base and caused good damage to the charts, the point of the song was to heal and comfort fans during a trying pandemic. "'Dynamite' wouldn’t be here if there was no COVID-19,” RM told Esquire. "For this song, we wanted to go easy and simple and positive."
to explode K-pop on the American charts
to expand the group's fan base

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In that same interview, the group members were asked about their private lives. What did they say was their priority off-stage?
finishing their education
dating/meeting girls
Dating took a backseat to an even more basic need. "The most important thing for us now is to sleep," said Jung Kook.


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BTS made a $1 million donation to what American cause?
Joe Biden's presidential campaign
Black Lives Matter
With Big Hit Entertainment, BTS made a giant donation to BLM, which was matched by the BTS ARMY.
the American Red Cross for COVID-19 relief

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How many BTS members are rappers?
The group has seven members total, but only three of them are rappers. RM is the lead rapper, with Suga and J-Hope taking the other spots.
All of them rap.


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