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Music Genres outlines the most popular styles and forms of music, from hip-hop, jazz and even Grand Ole Opry country. Yee-haw.


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If There's No Fat Lady Singing, Is the Opera Over?

The stereotype that female opera singers are all overweight is as old as the opera itself. But is weight really necessary to be a great soprano?

Johann Sebastian Bach: A Duelling, Fighting, Hard-drinking Rock Star Turns 334

Bach was and is a towering figure in musical history, but what is it that makes him so great?

'Baby Shark' and Other Kiddie Tunes to Hit the Billboard Charts

Thanks to its viral YouTube video, the addictive kid's song is making waves on the music charts. Surprisingly, it's not an isolated phenomenon.

Why Teen 'Death Discs' Dominated the Airwaves in the '60s

During the early 1960s, many songs featuring tragic teen deaths, usually in car crashes, became huge hits. What was behind this morbid craze?

Hear the Highest Note Ever Sung at the Metropolitan Opera

Soprano Audrey Luna sings an A over high C, the highest note ever achieved onstage at the Metropolitan Opera.

Do We Really Stop Caring About Music As We Get Older?

Not everyone agrees that as you age, you only want to hear the oldies.

So Now Bling Means Blink, Drake? How Hip-Hop Pushes Linguistic Evolution

From fleek to bling to hood, hip-hop and teen culture influence the evolution of American and global English.

How to Sharpen Your Music Listening Skills

Would you like to know how to sharpen your music listening skills so that you listen to music rather than just hear it? This article shows you how to sharpen your music listening skills.

How Hip-hop Works

What do tags and turntables have in common? They're both part of the cultural movement known as hip-hop. And while rapping most often takes center stage, movement and style are key cultural elements, too.

How Jazz Works

Dixieland ... swing ... bebop ... acid jazz ... hard bop ... fusion -- we call them all "jazz" -- but why? What is it that makes jazz "jazz"?

14 Notable Grand Ole Opry Performers

The Grand Ole Opry made Nashville the country music capital of the world. Check out our list of 14 notable Grand Ole Opry performers to take the stage at Ryman Auditorium, including Patsy Cline Porter Wagner and Elvis.