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How Music Distributors Work

You wouldn't be able to buy your favorite cd if it weren't for music distributors. Check out this article to learn more about the role of music distributors in the music industry.

How Radio Shows Work

Before TV, the Web and other modern distractions, families tuned in to radios for the latest serial dramas, comedies and soap operas. How did these formats take off? And who is the Shadow?

5 Miking Techniques and Tips

Starting a great recording begins with the proper miking techniques for your instruments. Learn the best miking techniques for your recording in this article.

Top 10 Most Valuable Records

Some of the most valuable records on the market aren't what you'd think they would be. Did any favorites from your vinyl collection make the list?

5 Home Recording Studio Essentials

Stocking your home recording studio with proper equipment can be a daunting task. Find out what some home recording studio essentials are in this article.

Six Strings and Git-fiddles: Guitars and Their Players

Gibson and Fender became household names thanks to legendary musicians like Hendrix. Strum through this collection of photos to see some of these famous guitarists and their instruments of choice.

How Becoming a Music Agent Works

Becoming a music agent takes time, contacts and in some cases, investing your own money. Learn more about what it takes to become a music agent in this article.

How Music Producers Work

Becoming a music producer takes training, talent and a long list of contacts. Learn more about what it takes to become a music producer.

How Live Sound Engineering Works

There's a lot more factors than the band that can make a great concert. Live sound engineering is a crucial part of any concert-going experience. Learn more about how live sound engineering works.

How Audio Post Production Works

Behind the scenes, professional audio post production engineers work hundreds of hours to make sure that every snippet of dialogue, every sound effect, and every second of the film score are perfectly blended to create a cohesive and powerful cinematic experience. Learn how audio post production works.

How Recording Sessions Work

The time spent in the studio is referred to as a recording session where songwriters, musicians, sound technicians and producers work together to create a unique sound. Find out more about how recording sessions work.

How Recording Studios Work

Recording studios are where the magic happens in the music business. Learn about the history and technology of recording studios.

How MIDI Works

MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) allows musicians to combine their musical instruments with computer technology. Learn more about how MIDI works in this article.

How Jazz Works

Dixieland ... swing ... bebop ... acid jazz ... hard bop ... fusion -- we call them all "jazz" -- but why? What is it that makes jazz "jazz"?

14 Notable Grand Ole Opry Performers

The Grand Ole Opry made Nashville the country music capital of the world. Check out our list of 14 notable Grand Ole Opry performers to take the stage at Ryman Auditorium, including Patsy Cline Porter Wagner and Elvis.

9 Fictional Bands with Hit Songs

Some bands don't even need to be real to produce a hit song! See our list of 9 fictional bands with hit songs, including The Blues Brothers and The Chipmunks.

Madonna's 25 Most Popular Songs

Madonna is one of the top-selling artists in pop music history. See our list of Madonna's 25 most popular songs including 'Material Girl' and 'Like a Virgin.'

All 32 Bands that Performed at Woodstock

Woodstock is possibly the most famous concert of all time -- the capstone of an era and a highlight in music history. See our list of all 32 bands that performed at Woodstock including Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, and Sly and the Family Stone.

25 Best-Selling Albums of All Time

It's not easy to sell albums in the very competitive music industry. See our list of the 25 best-selling albums of all time, including "Thriller" and "Back in Black."

The Top 30 Songs of Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is rightly known as 'The King of Rock 'n' Roll.' See our list of Presley's top 30 songs, including "Love Me Tender," "Hound Dog" and "Heartbreak Hotel."

25 of The Beatles Top Singles

For a week in 1964, the Beatles had 12 songs on Billboard's Hot 100. See our list of the Beatles' top singles, including "Yesterday," "Hey Jude" and "She Loves You."

17 Notable Super Bowl Halftime Shows

Millions of Americans tune in to watch the Super Bowl halftime performance each year. Check out our list of 17 notable Super Bowl halftime shows, featuring performances by New Kids on the Block and Prince.

12 One-Hit Wonders

Some artists will always be known for their one successful song. See our list of 12 one-hit wonders, including Debby Boone and Lipps Inc.

19 of the Rolling Stones Greatest Hits

The Rolling Stones have been making and performing music for 45 years, for wide generations of fans. See our list of 19 of Rolling Stones' greatest hits, such as 'Start Me Up' and '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction'.

The Stories Behind 29 U2 Songs

U2 songs are famous for having powerful messages that can take on many different meanings. See our list of the stories behind 29 U2 songs including 'Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own' and 'Sunday Bloody Sunday.'