Advanced Yo-Yo Tricks for Kids

Learn to perform advanced yo-yo tricks on the following pages.
Learn to perform advanced yo-yo tricks on the following pages.

If you've mastered easy yo-yo tricks and intermediate yo-yo tricks, you are ready for the good stuff -- advanced yo-yo tricks. These feats of dexterity and skill are fun to both watch and perform.

Many of these tricks are complicated and might require a little extra practice, so don't give up if you can't master them right away. If you keep trying, you will be pleased with the results. Your audiences will be pleased too!


On the following pages, you will learn yo-yo tricks that will make you look like a professional.

Texas Star Yo-Yo Trick

Find out how to shape your yo-yo string into a star in honor of the great state of Texas.

One-Handed Star Yo-Yo Trick

Learn to make a star out of your yo-yo string with just one hand.

Through the Tunnel Yo-Yo Trick

A variation on walk the dog, this advanced yo-yo trick sends the pooch through a tunnel.

Rattlesnake Yo-Yo Trick

Learn how to make your yo-yo move and sound like a rattlesnake in this crowd-pleasing yo-yo trick.

Shoot the Moon Yo-Yo Trick

This yo-yo trick can be dangerous, so practice with caution! When done correctly, the results are spectacular.

Elephant's Trunk Yo-Yo Trick

Be sure to make the sound of an elephant when you perform this fun advanced yo-yo trick.

Skyrocket Yo-Yo Trick

Learn how to send your yo-yo toward outer space. The Skyrocket Yo-Yo Trick is a great addition to your yo-yo skills.

The Man on the Flying Trapeze Yo-Yo Trick

Learn one of the most difficult yo-yo tricks. Thrill your family, friends, and classmates with this show-stopper.

Double or Nothing Yo-Yo Trick

Once you have mastered The Man on the Flying Trapeze, this yo-yo trick is relatively easy to perform.

Bank Deposit Yo-Yo Trick

This advanced yo-yo trick is a perfect finish to your yo-yo show. End your act on a high note with this lighthearted gag.

Start learning now with our first advanced yo-yo trick, the Texas Star Yo-Yo Trick. Find out how to do this trick on the next page.

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