Yo-Yo Basics

Learn about the fundamentals of the yo-yo.

Yo-yo popularity, much like the toy itself, goes up and down, sometimes sleeping and sometimes flying. Today the yo-yo is more popular than ever.

Not only are kids discovering the joys of yo-yoing, but adults, too, are rediscovering what they loved about the yo-yo when they were young.


Nowadays, tricks like Around the World and Skin the Cat aren't just for yo-yo wizards -- you can learn them too! But before you get yo-yoing, there are some essential yo-yo pointers to take in.

Below you'll find links to fun and fundamental information about the ever-popular yo-yo:

Yo-Yo History

Read how traveling yo-yo men turned two disks on a string into a fad.

Selecting a Yo-Yo

Find out which yo-yo brand and type is right for you.

Fundamentals of Yo-Yo

Learn how to make a yo-yo slip knot, adjust tension, or attach a new string.

Yo-Yo Tips

Get the hang of winding up your yo-yo and playing with it safely.

Do you know where and when the yo-yo first became popular? Find out in the next section.

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