Intermediate Yo-Yo Tricks

You can learn amazing yo-yo tricks on the following pages.
You can learn amazing yo-yo tricks on the following pages.

Once you have mastered easy yo-yo techniques, you are ready to learn intermediate yo-yo tricks.

Yo-yos have been a popular toy in the United States for nearly 100 years. Although the design of the yo-yo is very simple, a skilled user can perform many eye-popping feats of coordination and skill.


On the pages below, you'll find intermediate yo-yo tricks that will entertain and impress your family, friends, and classmates.

Sleeping Beauty Yo-Yo Trick

Learn this classic maneuver so that you can make a yo-yo spin on its side in midair. No need to wait for Prince Charming!

Loop the Loop Yo-Yo Trick

This trick is very difficult to learn, so don't get discouraged. Once you can perform it, you will dazzle family and friends.

Hop the Fence Yo-Yo Trick

Once you have mastered the Loop the Loop, this variation will seem like a piece of cake.

Walk the Tightrope Yo-Yo Trick

This trick is for thrill seekers only. Learn to walk your yo-yo along its own string.

Outside Loops Yo-Yo Trick

Find out how to perform another variation on Loop the Loop that will be a welcome addition to your bag of tricks.

Dog Bite Yo-Yo Trick

The key to performing this trick is to be surprised when the dog bites you. Don't start giggling before it happens!

Jump the Dog Through the Hoop Yo-Yo Trick

This variation on Walk the Dog will make you look like a yo-yo champion.

Motorcycle Yo-Yo Trick

Get everyone's motor running with this yo-yo trick. Sound effects not included.

Monkey Climb the Tree Yo-Yo Trick

Make your yo-yo defy gravity and climb up a vertical string. Enhance the visual effect by following the yo-yo with your eyes.

Slurp the Spaghetti Yo-Yo Trick

You'll have to ham it up to get the full effect of this trick. If you do it right, you'll look like you're eating a spaghetti dinner for real!

Thread the Needle Yo-Yo Trick

A variation on Monkey Climb the Tree, this yo-yo trick takes a very steady hand.

Corral Gate Yo-Yo Trick

Practice making the Corral Gate with a non-spinning yo-yo before you try this trick at full speed.

Eiffel Tower Yo-Yo Trick

You don't have to take your family and friends to France to show them the Eiffel Tower.

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