Easy Yo-Yo Tricks

Learn how to do the Three-Leaf Clover.
Learn how to do the Three-Leaf Clover.

Want to be a Yo-Yo Master? Easy yo-yo tricks are the place to start. Even if you've never held a yo-yo in your hand, there are some fun, basic tricks you can learn in no time!

Easy yo-yo tricks like The Thrown Down and The Sleeper, build upon each other. So once you get the hang of some essential yo-yo maneuvers, you'll be ready to take on some bigger challenges -- and maybe even put on a yo-yo show for your parents, teachers, and friends.


Just remember that all yo-yo tricks -- even the easy ones -- require practice and patience. You might not get them on the first try, but don't give up! With a little determination, the yo-yo tricks you learn are sure to amaze and entertain.

Below you'll find links to some fun and easy yo-yo tricks, complete with instructions and illustrations:

Gravity Pull Yo-Yo Trick

Get started with this classic up-and-down yo-yo trick.

The Throw Down Yo-Yo Trick

Master the simple maneuver that opens tons of yo-yo tricks.

The Sleeper Yo-Yo Trick

Learn the important skill that's used in 90 percent of yo-yo tricks.

The Forward Pass Yo-Yo Trick

Learn how to throw and catch the perfect Forward Pass.

Walk the Dog Yo-Yo Trick

Get a leg up on this ground-spinning yo-yo trick.

Around the World Yo-Yo Trick

Swing your yo-yo in a full 360-degree arc!

Around the Corner Yo-Yo Trick

Take your yo-yo for a quick spin over your arm to the floor.

Skin the Cat Yo-Yo Trick

Pull off the first step to more challenging string yo-yo tricks.

Rock the Baby

Entertain your friends and family with the most popular yo-yo trick of all time.

Three-Leaf Clover

Make a wish and send your yo-yo out for three loops.

The Breakaway

Defy gravity with a yo-to trick that does a Michael Jordan mid-air hang.

Reverse Sleeper Yo-Yo-Trick

Flick a Sleeper with reverse backspin.

Walk the Cat Yo-Yo Trick

Get laughs with this funny yo-yo antic.

Pinwheel Yo-Yo Trick

Amaze everyone with the most beautiful yo-yo trick of all.

Ready to yo-yo? Keep reading to learn the most classic of yo-yo tricks -- the Gravity Pull.

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