Memorable Movies

Memorable Movies takes a look at the movies we can all quote at the drop of a hat. Learn why Indiana Jones and E.T. are part of the world's common culture.

30 years ago, "Back to the Future Part II" depicted weird hi-tech gadgetry that screenwriters thought would be part of everyday life in 2015. How much did they get right?

"Star Wars" fans used to love camping out for movie openings. But has that tradition’s time passed?

Explosions! Car chases! Shootouts! Action films regularly burst from the screen with stunts and pyrotechnics, but we think a few have led the way, guns ablazing. Did your favorite make the list?

Movies are full of urban myths, and one of the longest-running surrounds one of the shortest films -- a 50-second snippet of a train that sent viewers screaming for their lives. So have historians debunked this cinematic tale?

Hollywood's not always known for its historical accuracy, but every once in a while, art and accuracy coexist — and the results can be incredibly moving.

Admit it: You think of "Jaws" when you go to the beach and "The Blair Witch Project" when you wander a little too far into the woods. These horror films didn't just change behavior; they revamped the genre.

"Poltergeist" reigns as the king of supposedly cursed films. How did this classic 1980s horror flick and nine others gain their reputation? Is your favorite on the list?

Whether it's comforting familiarity or lazy scriptwriting, certain movie tropes pop up repeatedly – like walking away from an explosion. Get ready for 10 of the most clichéd.

We all survived the evil tree, that TV portal to another dimension and even that guy tearing his own face off in the mirror. And so did the dog! Can you name this '80s classic (and guess what else made our list)?

Director Stanley Kubrick once said, "The screen is a magic medium" because it can convey moods and emotions as no other art form. We'll look at 10 movies that stirred emotions while pushing the boundaries of filmmaking.

Mad science is a tough field. The hours are long, the hazards are many, and the grant money often comes from terrorists. So before you inject mutagen between your toes, consider these examples of mad science failure. And don’t let them happen to you.

We get it. Movies are fiction. But for those of us who love science, seeing even fictional worlds behave in a way that's flat-out wrong just rankles.

How many times have you seen Godzilla do his Godzilla thing? So, Hollywood, allow us to play matchmaker. Speed date with us as we get to know 10 of the hottest big-screen virgins ever to claw their way out of our nightmares.

Ginormous monsters are a vital part of our cinematic culture. Motion pictures bring the fantastic to life, and what's more fantastic than gargantuan beasts tearing down the city? So let's get to know a few of these Tinseltown titans.

Nevada: Home to glitzy casinos, legalized prostitution and giant, man-eating worms called graboids. Get to know these subterranean monsters from the West before they come rooting around a town near you.

Gizmo! If you're a child of the 1980s, then chances are you once owned a pet mogwai. Heck, you might still share a loving, regimented life with your little guy. But woe to those pet owners who wound up with a gremlin instead.

Life as we know it is cruel. The life awaiting us on other worlds is even crueler. Discover the terrifying anatomy of the "Alien" xenomorph and learn where humanity stands in the food chain.

Whether the bad guy is a blood-crazed carrot-man or an identity-stealing shape-shifter, The Thing is a cultural icon that just won't die. How much do you know about this classic 1950s sci-fi flick and the two films it spawned?

What happens when scientific achievement goes awry? When synthetic life doesn't conform to human desires? One of the best monsters ever to terrorize fiction happens, that's what.

Sex, violence and over-the-top action -- it's easy to see the influence that exploitation movies have had on cinema as a whole. You can even split the genre into a number of subgenres that push the boundaries of taste and decorum with every frame. Here are 10 of the most noteworthy.

Star Wars' is one of the most successful movie franchises in cinema history. Follow the history of 'Star Wars' in this collection of images. Mind if we come along, too?

Dark skies drop with acid rain. Advertising screams from every direction. And blade runners track down replicants -- murderous illegal androids that have returned to Earth. But how can they tell who's a replicant and who isn't?

Strong characterization, symbolism, surprise endings and extended chase scenes were a few of Hitch's trademarks. Here are 20 of his most memorable movies.

Stephen King is an American author who gained recognition for producing some of the most popular horror stories. Read our list of 15 Stephen King stories that were made into feature films, including Carrie, The Shining and Children of the Corn.

They might command top box office today, but all movie stars have to start somewhere. Find out about the first roles of movie stars like Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks.