The Ultimate 'A Christmas Story' Quiz

By: Nathan Chandler

Released in 1983, "A Christmas Story" is the anti-Hallmark Card film about the holidays in America. It portrays the conflicted family relationships and weird consumerism that often takes hold during winter months. How much do you remember about this classic comedy movie?
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"A Christmas Story" finds Ralph Parker reminiscing about childhood holidays in a town called Hohman. Where is that?
Ralphie has all sorts of memories of the holidays in Hohman, Indiana. It's not a real place — it was created just for the sake of the movie. Parts of the film were shot in Toronto.


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Ralphie's father is extremely excited when he learns that he's won a "major award." What was his prize?
a WWII rifle
a Shetland pony
a leg lamp
Ralphie's dad wins a prize that leaves his wife gasping in horror. It's a lamp in the shape of a woman's leg. And to make matters worse, the leg is swathed in a racy fishnet stocking.


Question 3 of 10

What does Ralphie really, really, really want for his Christmas gift?
a puppy
a BB gun
More than anything in the world, Ralphie lusts after a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model BB gun. But many adults are opposed to the idea, saying that he'll hurt himself if he receives such a dangerous gift.
a calculator


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What do adults say when Ralphie says he wants an air rifle for Christmas?
"What are you, a murderer?"
"How about a kitten instead?"
"You'll shoot your eye out!"
Every time Ralphie mentions his undying desire for a Red Ryder BB gun, adults say the same thing: "You'll shoot your eye out!" But Ralphie is undeterred by what he sees as hysterical warnings.


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Ralphie is over the moon when he receives a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. What's the first object he takes aim at?
a metal sign
Ralphie ignores every basic gun safety rule when he fires a shot at a metal street sign. The BB, of course, ricochets back and strikes him in the face, blasting his glasses to the ground … where he promptly steps on them and breaks them.
a squirrel
his brother


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Which part of the house drives Ralphie's dad to bouts of rage?
a balky furnace
The furnace — the blasted, malfunctioning furnace — never seems to work right. And Ralphie's father directs much of his most profane existential rage at this inanimate object.
a leaky roof
a pesky mouse


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During one scene, Ralphie tries to help his father change their car's flat tire. What happens?
Ralphie drops and loses the wheel nuts.
On a cold winter night, Ralphie's dad is angry that he's dealing with a flat tire. He hands the nuts to Ralphie — who promptly loses them, crying "Oh Fudge!" Only that's not what he really said, and shortly thereafter his mother cleans out his mouth with soap.
Ralphie takes over and finishes the job for his dad.
Ralphie is struck by a passing vehicle.


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What's was Ralphie's dad's name?
He didn't have a name.
Ralphie's temper-challenged father is one of the movie's main characters, but he's never given a name. He's simply "The Old Man," an oppressed, angry figure who's struggling to make ends meet.


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The Old Man is thrilled when he receives which gift from his wife?
a socket set
a lampshade
a bowling ball
Ralphie isn't the only one who's excited on Christmas morning. His father is very enthusiastic about receiving a bright blue bowling ball from his wife.


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At the end of the movie, what happens to the infamous leg lamp?
It disappears.
It starts a house fire.
It breaks while Ralphie's mother is watering her plants.
Throughout the film, the leg lamp causes serious friction between Ralphie's parents. Whether it was broken accidentally or on purpose isn't made clear. But we sure know Ralphie's mother was glad to see it go.


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