'Grease' Is the Word Quiz

By: Alia Hoyt
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'Grease' Is the Word Quiz
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The epic movie musical 'Grease' is now over 40 years old. Think you're hopelessly devoted to the iconic film? Test your knowledge to see if you're the one that we want.
What's the name of the ballad playing during the film's opening scene on the beach?
"Close to You"
"Love is a Many Splendored Thing"
Originally composed for the film of the same name, "Love is a Many Splendored Thing" earned its composers an Academy Award in 1955.
"The Greatest Love of All"
What did Olivia Newton-John insist on before agreeing to play the part of Sandy?
that John Travolta be cast as Danny
that she have more songs than Stockard Channing (Rizzo)
that she have a screen test with John Travolta
Travolta pushed for Newton-John to take on the role, but she was gun-shy following little film success in the years prior. So, she required a screen test with Travolta beforehand to make sure they had enough chemistry.
Which actor turned down the role of Danny?
Shaun Cassidy
Henry Winkler
That's right, The Fonz himself said "thanks but no thanks" to the part because he didn't want to be perpetually cast as the leather-jacket wearing stud.
Harrison Ford


Which of the following DIDN'T happen to Jeff Conaway in regard to the song "Greased Lightning"?
He got dropped on a car during the choreography
He broke his leg during the dance number.
Poor Conaway couldn't catch a break where the famed song is concerned. First, he was supposed to be the lead vocalist, but Travolta used his influence to take over the number. Then, during filming his cast members dropped him on top of the car, causing a serious injury, which ultimately led to a pain killer addiction.
He was supposed to sing the song, but Travolta insisted he do it
Which of these beloved leading ladies of the era was not short-listed for the role of Sandy?
Marie Osmond
Carrie Fisher
Maureen McCormick
Marcia Brady was never a serious contender for the part of virginal Sandy, but Marie Osmond was nearly cast until she expressed displeasure at Sandy's transformation into a "bad girl."
The cast was memorably much older than your typical high school students. Of all these geezers, which cast member was the oldest?
Jan (Jamie Donnelly)
Danny (John Travolta)
Rizzo (Stockard Channing)
24-year-old John Travolta was practically in diapers compared with Channing, who was 34 when the film was released (33 during production). Donnelly was 31. The director was all too aware that not one member of his cast was young enough for high school, so he conducted "crow's-feet tests" to be sure they could pass for nubile young things.


Part of the song, "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee" talks about Elvis Presley. What happened to Elvis the day that scene was filmed?
He had a his first No.1 song in 10 years.
His daughter, Lisa Marie was born.
He died.
The scene was coincidentally filmed on August 16, 1977, the same day The King of Rock 'n Roll died.
Which of these T-Birds eventually married Olivia Newton-John's sister, Rona?
Jeff Conaway
The actor who played Kenickie started off with a major torch for Olivia, but wound up wedding her sister in 1980. Sadly, the marriage only lasted five years.
John Travolta
Michael Tucci
What was the point of the clear wrap that Danny pulled out during the "Greased Lightning" song?
To seal the custom paint job on the vehicle.
It was a reference to condoms.
The completely bizarre running of plastic wrap was actually a veiled reference to condoms. In all fairness, when singing about the sweet ride Danny does remind us that the chicks'll … well, you know.
There was no point. Travolta delights in the random.


John Travolta had appeared in a touring version of the stage musical "Grease" before being cast in the movie. What role did he play onstage?
Danny Zuko
Doody (one of the T-Birds)
"Craterface" Balmudo, leader of the rival gang the Scorpions
Travolta was intimately familiar with the original musical script, having played Doody in a touring production of "Grease." Ironically, Jeff Conaway had played Danny Zuko on Broadway, but apparently that didn't make him right for the film part.
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