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Reading 'Harry Potter' Influences How Americans View Donald Trump

The wizarding novels promote tolerance and oppose authoritarianism. What does that mean for how Potter fans view the Republican presidential candidate?

Exploring the Forgotten Structures of Paris

French photographer Laurent Kronental chronicles the architecturally impressive, sometimes surreal postmodern public housing projects around Paris.

Dear Tony Robbins, THIS Is How You Walk on Hot Coals

Looking to turn your fear into power and walk across hot coals? The BrainStuff crew fills you in on the fiery science behind the feat.

Watch This Artist Turn Water Into Van Gogh Masterpiece

Turkish artist uses ancient technique to make beautiful liquid pictures. Vincent would be proud.

Comic Books Are Thriving — in Print and Digital Forms

If you love comic books, this is a good time to be alive. And now there's no shortage of options for getting them in your hands or on your device.

Google's New Tilt Brush App Makes 3-D Painting a (Virtual) Reality

Could the newly released app mean that the next artistic masterpiece of the 21st century will be a downloadable, immersive and interactive VR experience?

Did the Chinese Invent the Superhero Team?

Way before comic books ever entered the picture, there was a band of Chinese brothers. Seven of them, in fact, each with their own magical power.

Interviewing the Artist Behind the New Black Panther

Long-running comic book characters come to be seen as iconic by fans. How does artist Brian Stelfreeze think of a figure like Black Panther as he creates a visual story?

HowStuffWorks: Black Panther’s Return With Artist Brian Stelfreeze

Black Panther has been an icon of the comic book hero scene since 1966, and now the character is being reimagined by author Ta-Nehisi Coates and Artist Brian Stelfreeze.

Computers Create a Rembrandt 2.0

Rembrandt may not be able to create his masterful paintings anymore, but computers can.

10 Unexpected Reasons Behind Past Batman vs. Superman Battles

When the world's finest superheroes quarrel, it affects us all. What's caused the Caped Crusader and the Big Blue Boy Scout to face off in the past?

Dynamic Duo's Run on 'Batman' Comic Comes Full Circle

Since DC Comics's "New 52" reboot, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo have been the creative minds captaining the Bat-ship. With issue 51, that streak comes to an end.

Comic Books Are More Than Just White Guys in Tights

You like comics? We have suggestions, courtesy of the upcoming Dwayne McDuffie Award, and they feature way more than just dudes in capes and tights.

Adult Coloring Books: Creative and Subversive?

HowStuffWorks Now talks to the artists behind the wildly popular books and wonders if the future could hold an "Anarchist Coloring Book."

Ringling Bros. Retiring Elephants Early. PETA Still Not Smiling

All 11 of the circus's touring elephants are headed for a Florida retirement in May.

10 Worst Circus Disasters

The circus can provide great fun and entertainment, but occasionally serious tragedies occur under the big top. These disasters were nothing short of catastrophic.

10 Facts About Circus Animals

Circuses are largely about the awesome animals, but have you ever thought deeper about their history within the industry?

10 Circus Safety Strategies the Audience Doesn't See

Circus acts may seem effortless, but that's because lot goes on behind the scenes to ensure the performers' safety. These precautions help make the circus as magical and wondrous as ever.

10 Offbeat Circuses

The idea of a "traditional" circus may seem weird, but over the years we've certainly seen innovation within the industry. Not all circuses rely on clowns and elephants to keep their offbeat audiences intrigued.

10 Circus Acts That Have Withstood the Test of Time

The circus is an institution steeped in a tradition of stunning feats and amazing animals. While some circus acts have fallen by the wayside, these are in the ring for the long haul.

5 Famous Sideshow Entertainers

Some sideshow performers were such a hit that they became regular celebrities. These five entertainers used their conditions to their advantage and reached sideshow superstardom.

10 Medical Conditions Once Found in Sideshows

In the sideshows of yore, people with rare medical conditions took to the stage to display their bodies to ogling spectators. Their disabilities were touted as amazing "oddities," but what's the real science behind the show?

10 Bizarre Circus Sideshows

We're a lot more respectful of disabilities and medical conditions nowadays, but once upon a time they were much more widely exploited for entertainment and profit. Check out these 10 bizarre circus sideshows!

10 Weird Facts About the Circus

Yes, the circus gets weirder than clowns cramming in tiny cars and aerialists hanging by their hair. Delve into the bizarre history of the Big Top.

10 of the Most Dangerous Circus Acts Performed Today

Thought circus acts couldn't get more daring than fire-breathing? Guess again. Death-defying stunts are all in a day's work for some circus performers.