Arts give us a way to explore our lives and the lives of others, whether it's on canvas, on-stage or on a page.

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How Todd Bol Started the Little Free Library Movement

You've probably seen the cute little houses on posts in people's yards. They're Little Free Library boxes and they're found in all 50 states and in 88 countries.

Why So Many Women Remember 'Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret'

This groundbreaking classic of young adult lit is finally headed for the big screen some 40 years after it was first published. Why can so many of us still recite lines from it?

You Are the Art at These Museum Exhibitions!

The exhibit 'Infinity Mirrors' has been breaking records with installations just made for selfies and Instagram. But will that help museums stay relevant?

Quiz: Winnie the Pooh ... and Tigger, Too!

Pooh and his band of friends in the Hundred Acre Wood remain beloved many decades after they were originally created. How much do you know about the books, animated shorts and the series in general?

Is the 'Lovely Assistant' the Real Magician?

Although many people think the magician's assistant is just there for her looks, she (it's usually a "she") is often the brains behind the illusion.

You've Heard of Smallpox, But What Was the Great Pox?

Today, when we think of a "pox," we think of smallpox. But in Shakespeare's time, the word referred to a dreaded sexually transmitted disease.

How Comic-Con Came to Rule the Pop Culture World

From its humble beginnings as an event for comic book nerds to its explosive impact on all forms of entertainment, some wonder if Comic-Con has gotten too big for its own good.

True Stories of How 'A Wrinkle in Time' Inspired Female Scientists

HowStuffWorks talks to three modern-day "Megs" to find out how they were inspired by the character's bravery, ambition and intelligence to pursue real-life scientific success.

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Art History?

When people think of art, the first painting that pops in their mind is probably the Mona Lisa, but there are other important classical paintings. Take this quiz and find out how much you know about famous artists and their work!

Why Thanos Getting the Infinity Gauntlet Is Really Bad

Thanos, the purple bad guy hinted at since the very first 'Avengers' film, is finally going toe to toe with the heroes of the Marvel Universe. This can only end poorly.

How the Mighty Thor Busted Into Comic Books and the Big Screen

With Greek and Roman gods so much more well-known, what made Stan Lee and Jack Kirby wade into Norse mythology when they created Thor?

Cirque du Soleil: Masters of Performance and … Water Filtration?

It's not enough to feature death-defying acts in your show. Sometimes you need a 50-foot waterfall onstage, too.

Would a Hobbit Be Healthy Enough to Go Adventuring?

If hobbits were real, could they really maintain the energy needed to undertake the quests of 'The Hobbit' and 'Lord of the Rings'?

How Crayons Work

Crayons are steeped in the artwork of our childhoods. So how did these incredibly popular little sticks of wax and color actually come about? And who decides the color names?

Moving Poppy Sculpture Continues to Honor WWI Soldiers

Artist Paul Cummins' moving Poppies sculptures continue to tour the U.K. in honor of British soldiers killed during World War I.

This Book Was the 'WebMD' of the 18th and 19th Centuries

'Domestic Medicine' was the most popular health guide for over 100 years. Which advice still holds up today and which is plain dangerous?

Want to Be a Manlier Man? Use These Tips From Walt Whitman

Before the days of Esquire and GQ, the famous poet wrote about men's health and grooming in newspaper columns. How does his advice stack up today?

5 Things You Didn't Know About Charlotte Bronte

It's been more than 200 years since her birth and we're still learning new things about this famous novelist.

The Complicated Relationship Between Men and Dancing

Pressures to seem macho can leave men off the dance floor — but it depends on the culture.

6 Things You Didn't Know About Maya Angelou

Although this writer and poet wrote seven volumes of autobiography, there are still some things you may be surprised to learn.

Flintstones Are Alive and Well and Tackling Social Issues in New Comic

When DC Comics rebooted "The Flintstones," few expected it to be a biting social commentary of the age, but guess what?

Kintsugi: What a Broken Bowl Can Teach Us

"One can consider how we might live a kintsugi life, or 'rebirth' finding value in the cracks ... bringing to light the scars that have come from life experiences."

Are There Really Kids' Authors Who Hate Kids?

From Margaret Wise Brown to Beatrix Potter, some children's authors have reputations for disliking kids. Are the rumors true?

75 Years After Her Debut, Wonder Woman Remains Iconic

The superhero's creator imbued her with themes of truth-telling, a powerful matriarchy and even bondage, all pulled from his own unconventional life.

Many Stories Have One of Six 'Beautiful Shapes'

There's so much great fiction out there, but, as it turns out, many of these stories have something in common: their emotional arc.