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This classic is celebrating its 150th anniversary of publication this year. With new adaptations coming out, we look at how other movie versions of "Little Women" were tweaked to fit the times.

Today, when we think of a "pox," we think of smallpox. But in Shakespeare's time, the word referred to a dreaded sexually transmitted disease.

HowStuffWorks talks to three modern-day "Megs" to find out how they were inspired by the character's bravery, ambition and intelligence to pursue real-life scientific success.

If hobbits were real, could they really maintain the energy needed to undertake the quests of 'The Hobbit' and 'Lord of the Rings'?

'Domestic Medicine' was the most popular health guide for over 100 years. Which advice still holds up today and which is plain dangerous?

Before the days of Esquire and GQ, the famous poet wrote about men's health and grooming in newspaper columns. How does his advice stack up today?

It's been more than 200 years since her birth and we're still learning new things about this famous novelist.

Although this writer and poet wrote seven volumes of autobiography, there are still some things you may be surprised to learn.

From Margaret Wise Brown to Beatrix Potter, some children's authors have reputations for disliking kids. Are the rumors true?

There's so much great fiction out there, but, as it turns out, many of these stories have something in common: their emotional arc.

The anti-Amazon bookstore in Japan sees maximum pleasure in minimalism.

We know him as the beloved creator of Willy Wonka and the BFG, but Roald Dahl worked as a James Bond-style spy in his early years.

The wizarding novels promote tolerance and oppose authoritarianism. What does that mean for how Potter fans view the Republican presidential candidate?

We're all told as children that reading opens our horizons and helps us learn, but does "Harry Potter" expand young minds more than your average kids' book?

Since the 1600s, performances of "Macbeth" have been plagued by accidents and mysterious mishaps. Is it all because Shakespeare used actual witches' curses in the play?

In the hope of educating future wizards, we give you this sorcerer's hall of shame, populated by those who fell from grace, grasped for the stars or failed to leave the tarmac in the first place. How did your favorite wizard fare?

It's easy to find out how many copies most albums sold or how much money a movie made on its opening weekend. But when it comes to books sales numbers can be hard to pin down. That's where we come in.

The 20 bestselling children's books come chock full of all kinds of wonderful characters -- from bunnies and puppies to boy wizards and cats with crazy hats. Know a few, do you?

Chances are you've probably read a poem or two in school, had to memorize a poem at some point, or maybe even wrote a poem yourself. But what exactly is poetry?

A Web-based service called LibriVox is reading and recording some of the great literary classics. But where did the idea for LibriVox originate, and how much will an audio book cost?

Three things make books valuable: supply, demand and condition. Most collectors seek out these works because of their associations with famous authors and historical events. Some want them because they're really, really old.

Everyone dreams of finding that rare first edition in Grandma's attic, but how would you know such a treasure if you found one? Book appraising takes years to master, but we've laid out the basics here.

Here's something to think about: The oldest book in the world can be replaced at any time by a new discovery. So what book currently holds the record?

Nearly 69 years since its broadcast, Orson Wells' radio rendition of War of the Worlds continues to energize fans and create followers of the art of timing and finesse in the radio world. Read more of what happened in This Month in History.

Many people and institutions throughout the years have banned books for their 'questionable content.' Many of these books became even more popular because of the controversy they caused. See our list of 9 surprising banned books.