Comic Books

Comic books have been brought to life in popular Hollywood movies such as 'Batman.' Learn about popular comic books and comic book heroes.

Thanos, the purple bad guy hinted at since the very first 'Avengers' film, is finally going toe to toe with the heroes of the Marvel Universe. This can only end poorly.

With Greek and Roman gods so much more well-known, what made Stan Lee and Jack Kirby wade into Norse mythology when they created Thor?

When DC Comics rebooted "The Flintstones," few expected it to be a biting social commentary of the age, but guess what?

The superhero's creator imbued her with themes of truth-telling, a powerful matriarchy and even bondage, all pulled from his own unconventional life.

He was the man behind those cheaply printed, widely disseminated fire-and-brimstone comics that were intended to scare the hell out of you. And he just passed away.

For 75 years, Wonder Woman has been a symbol for strength and empowerment for women. Now the United Nations has made it official.

Since July 2015, residents of the war-torn Syrian city of Madaya have been trapped. Now ABC and Marvel have adapted one mom's struggles into a comic called "Madaya Mom."

If you love comic books, this is a good time to be alive. And now there's no shortage of options for getting them in your hands or on your device.

Way before comic books ever entered the picture, there was a band of Chinese brothers. Seven of them, in fact, each with their own magical power.

Long-running comic book characters come to be seen as iconic by fans. How does artist Brian Stelfreeze think of a figure like Black Panther as he creates a visual story?

When the world's finest superheroes quarrel, it affects us all. What's caused the Caped Crusader and the Big Blue Boy Scout to face off in the past?

Since DC Comics's "New 52" reboot, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo have been the creative minds captaining the Bat-ship. With issue 51, that streak comes to an end.

You like comics? We have suggestions, courtesy of the upcoming Dwayne McDuffie Award, and they feature way more than just dudes in capes and tights.

Dragon Con's parade is an annual event, drawing huge crowds to the heart of Atlanta to see Stormtroopers, Time Lords and a fleet of sci-fi and fantasy vehicles. Here are some of the best moments in the 2014 parade.

Dragon Con's parade is an annual event, drawing huge crowds to the heart of Atlanta to see Stormtroopers, Time Lords and a fleet of sci-fi vehicles. Here are some of the best moments in the 2013 parade.

Dragon*Con is a science fiction and fantasy convention that takes place in Atlanta, Ga., every Labor Day weekend. One of its main events: a parade featuring Stormtroopers, steampunk, Stan Lee and a whole lot more.

Every year Dragon*Con brings together costumed hordes of science fiction, anime, fantasy, film and role-playing game enthusiasts in the nation's largest gathering of its kind. See pictures from Dragon*Con 2004.

As it does every year, Dragon*Con's annual parade drew huge crowds and amazing costumes in 2011. Take a look at everything from Jedi to pirate wenches.

When you think of comic books, you might conjure up images of geeky adolescent boys, superheroes in stretchy tights and flimsy little booklets. But there's way more to this game-changing, generation-spanning art form than that. What's the real story of comic books? What do comic book fans look like today?

Comic books have been around forever, but suddenly, all anyone can talk about is graphic novels. But what are they, exactly? Are they the natural evolution of comic books, or a brand new medium? Find out in How Graphic Novels Work.

Superheroes, such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Batman and Hellboy have all helped shape the comic book universe. This gallery features images of these and other popular superheroes.

Batman has become one of DC Comics' greatest crime-fighting superheroes. With this picture gallery, you can follow the evolution of the Dark Knight.

Web comics aren't your typical Sunday newspaper funnies -- they're surreal, gritty, philosophical and completely uncensored. Spare your fingers the ink stains and explore the infinite canvas of Web comics.

In a lot of ways, Bruce Wayne's legacy has overshadowed the work of his parents. But before their untimely deaths Thomas and Martha Wayne were just as important to the economy and well-being of Gotham City as their son was.

For years, citizens of Gotham City have relied on the masked avenger known as Batman to protect them from the schemes of numerous madmen. Is it possible that Gotham's greatest champion, like so many of the inmates he's sent to Arkham Asylum, is a sociopath as well?