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Other Sports

There are Other Sports that don't fit into a major category, but are nonetheless exciting events such as soccer - the world's most popular sport - fencing and skateboarding.

How Roller Derby Works

With leagues across the country and a new documentary TV series roller derby is enjoying a surge in popularity. But what exactly is roller derby? Learn about the sport's history its rules and much more.

Advantage, Tennis: Study Shows Racket Games Are Best Sport for Heart Health

But running was way down on the list.

What the Heck Happened to Rollerblading?

It was da bomb in the '90s, stone-cold dead in the 2000s and may just be poised for a comeback. But why?

How Board Breaking Works

How — and why — do martial arts practitioners bust those boards without hurting themselves?

The Human Fly, or the Daredevil Who Made Evel Knievel Seem Sane

A story about a superhero, a rocket bike and a 40-year mystery that probably won't be solved.

Cheese Rolling Is No Joke. But It's Still Pretty Funny.

This year, on the last Monday in May, people will chase an 8-pound cheese down an absurdly steep hill in England. And it looks really fun.

Get Your Bubble On. No, Really.

There’s a new sport sweeping (or rolling across) the U.S.: bubble soccer. It gives a whole new meaning to the term bubble wrap.

Former Jocks Report Happier Lives (Unless They Played Basketball or Football)

Study shows former college athletes report greater levels of well-being than nonathletes, except financially.

Cybathlon, a Global Bionics Competition, Debuts This October

The first-ever Cybathlon will showcase disabled competitors using state-of-the-art assistive robotic technology, from neuroproestheses to wearable exoskeletons.

Why Some Fans Fall to Their Deaths in America's Sports Arenas

Some blame it on the spectators themselves, others on the railing heights.

The Real Reason Cities (Make That Taxpayers) Finance Sports Stadiums

Despite what team owners may say, the payment makes more sense psychologically than economically.