Other Sports

There are Other Sports that don't fit into a major category, but are nonetheless exciting events such as soccer - the world's most popular sport - fencing and skateboarding.

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OK, fine. Referees and umpires are human beings who make human mistakes. But why do they always have to make their human mistakes against our team? Here are 10 bad sports calls we're still debating.

By Dave Roos

From the start of professional sports, there have been scandals, but some remain in the public consciousness more than others. Here are 10 we can't forget.

By Becky Striepe

When it comes to human-powered transportation, you can't beat a skateboard for cool points. Learn more about these 5 tips for your first time on a skateboard.

By Megan Cohen, Planet Green


Just about every sports league has some sort of deal where you can watch live events on your phone, tablet, PC or TV. What's so great about being able to watch sports everywhere you go?

By Jonathan Strickland

Exercise is important for our health, but are all sports created equal when it comes to the physical benefits? And what about the biggest advantage of all -- staying alive?

By Melissa Sandoval

Can you name Canada’s two official sports? How about the second most popular sport in the United States? We can tell you. Your teammates are going to be dazzled by your newfound trivia.

Sports like skateboarding and BMX have been evolving since the first skateboards hit the streets in the 1970s. The latest invention: extreme sitting. What does it take to turn a wheelchair into an extreme sport?

By Charles W. Bryant


The marathon used to be the pinnacle of endurance sports. But today, it takes a backseat to an even more daunting endeavor: a multisport trial so difficult that anyone who manages to complete it will be known as an Ironman.

By Ed Grabianowski

Sailing began as a way to explore the world but has since become a popular recreational activity. So why should you never whistle onboard a sailboat?

By Maria Trimarchi

Tuna throwing, tomato tossing, toe wrestling -- these are sports? The spirit of competition can cause people to make a sport out of just about anything. The inspiration can come from anywhere. Learn about 9 odd sporting events from around the world.

By the Editors of Publications International, Ltd.

Extreme eating contests are more popular than ever as competitors battle for top prize money. Learn about 9 of the most popular record-setting eaters, including the Locust, the Tsunami, and the Black Widow.

By the Editors of Publications International, Ltd.


Surfers began skateboarding or "sidewalk surfing" to improve their surfing but it didn't take long for skateboarding to become a sport on its own. Learn all about skateboarding, from its origins to how skaters perform their amazing tricks.

By Cameron Lawrence

Soccer (or football) is the most popular sport in the world. Want to know a little more about the game? We've got you covered.

By Ed Grabianowski

To maintain a skateboard in tip-top shape the most important thing to do is keep the wheels moving smoothly by adjusting and lubricating the wheel bearings. Get the step-by-step instructions in this article.

By Editors of Consumer Guide

In this day in age, most of us understand that gender identity can be pretty complicated from a social, cultural and psychological perspective. Find out why doctors may have trouble distinguishing someone's gender.

By Julia Layton


With leagues across the country and a new documentary TV series roller derby is enjoying a surge in popularity. But what exactly is roller derby? Learn about the sport's history its rules and much more.

By Tracy V. Wilson

Competitive eating has gone from county fair exhibition to mainstream spectator sport. Networks like ESPN air contests and competitors like "The Black Widow" have loyal fan bases. Learn more about this controversial practice.

By Ed Grabianowski

Splat! You're hit -- covered in brightly colored paint. Who shot you? Your friend, who was tracking you silently from tree to tree. Who came up with this game, sport or phenomenon we call paintball? Many trace its origins to military training -- are they right?

Karate is an incredible art form, built on the concept of merging body and mind into a defensive weapon. See how karatekas use this merger to break wood and cinder blocks with their hands and feet.

By Tom Harris


If you've ever been to a bowling alley, you know that one of the coolest things is how the pins get reset. How does it work? Take a peek at the machinery behind the scenes.

By Shel Brannan

Paintball has developed into a worldwide phenomenon. Players hunt opponents, take aim and splatter them with paint-filled “bullets” in guerilla-style faux warfare. If you've never played, you may have wondered what it's all about…

By Tom Harris

Have you ever been ice skating in Florida? How do they keep the ice from melting? And how do they get the lines and the logos into the ice for a hockey game?

The things people do on ice rinks are so spectacular we sometimes forget how remarkable ice rinks themselves are. Maintaining a proper ice rink is a real feat of engineering. Get a behind the scenes look at this very cool technology.

By Melissa Russell-Ausley