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In a track meet how are false starts detected?

When every fraction of a second counts, a false start can completely change the outcome of a race. How are officials quick enough detect a false start?

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  • 10 Bizarre Olympic Events

    10 Bizarre Olympic Events

    The Olympics haven't always been the pageantry-filled events they are today. Back in 1900, you might have taken in a tug-of-war contest before heading off to hot air ballooning. What other strange sports have existed in Olympic history? See more »

  • 10 Olympic Games That Nearly Bankrupted Their Host Countries

    10 Olympic Games That Nearly Bankrupted Their Host Countries

    The cost of hosting the Olympic Games has risen astronomically, but some cities are willing to foot the bill in exchange for increased tourism and better infrastructure. But what happens when it doesn't pay off? Here are 10 cautionary tales. See more »

  • 5 Amazing Olympic Athletes

    5 Amazing Olympic Athletes

    From the vantage point of the couch, they all look pretty amazing, but these five extraordinary people did some pretty crazy stuff to land on our list, like winning six medals. In one day. See more »

  • 5 Factors That Affect Olympic Performance

    5 Factors That Affect Olympic Performance

    So you didn't qualify for the London Olympics this year. It's OK. We didn't either. But if you read this list and start working on these factors pronto, you might be ready for Sochi in 2014. See more »

  • Are the Olympics ever skipped?

    Are the Olympics ever skipped?

    London 2012 seems like a lock, which means we'll be camped in front of the screen watching all sorts of extraordinary athletic feats this summer. Have circumstances ever led to the cancellation of this awesome spectacle? See more »

  • Decoding Summer Olympic Jargon

    Decoding Summer Olympic Jargon

    There are loads of sports in the Summer Olympic Games, although the number varies slightly from year to year. And with all those events, it can be hard to keep up when experienced commentators start rattling off jargon a mile a minute as they get caught up in the excitement. See how well you can follow their commentaries. See more »

  • Do the Olympic Games generate profits?

    Do the Olympic Games generate profits?

    Ah yes, the Olympic flame burning bright is a lovely sight. You know what's an even lovelier sight for the host city? Piles of cash from putting on the esteemed athletic contest. Do those ever materialize? See more »

  • Game On: Olympics Quiz

    Game On: Olympics Quiz

    Sure, the Summer and Winter Olympic Games each happen only every four years. But you can brush up on your Olympic knowledge anytime you like with this Olympics quiz. See if you can go for the gold! See more »

  • History Buff: First Olympics Quiz

    History Buff: First Olympics Quiz

    The first Olympics in ancient Greece were an arena to display athletic prowess for honor's sake. Think you're an expert in the ways of the Greek games? Grease up and try our quiz to find out if you're a gold medalist in ancient Olympic trivia. See more »

  • How are cities chosen to host the Olympics?

    How are cities chosen to host the Olympics?

    The city you live in is pretty cool, right? Then how come it hasn't hosted the Olympics yet? Read this article and you might be on your (Olympic) way. Then again, it may make you rethink that grand vision. See more »

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