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The Olympics section gives you an insight into the Olympic sports and the Olympic spirit.

5 Factors That Affect Olympic Performance

So you didn't qualify for the London Olympics this year. It's OK. We didn't either. But if you read this list and start working on these factors pronto, you might be ready for Sochi in 2014.

The Olympic Decathlon Winner: The Best Athlete in the World?

They'll compete in 10 events over two grueling days in Rio next week. Does that make decathletes the ultimate Olympic athletes?

Honey Helps Gymnasts Get a Grip

If you look in the backpack of a male gymnast, you just might find a little bear that needs squeezing.

Here's How Many Rio Olympics Visitors Will Contract Zika Virus

A new study estimates just how many athletes and spectators heading to Brazil will catch the mosquito-borne virus, and it's not what you might expect.

What Happens if the Olympic Torch Accidentally Goes Out?

The Olympic flame is supposed to never go out until the games have ended. But hey, accidents happen. Here's what happens after the accidents.

Jaw-dropping Moves From Rio-ready Trampoline Gymnasts

What other sport allows you to fly 30 feet into the air and perform a fliffis?

Can You Really Cancel the Olympics?

With the Zika virus flourishing, some are calling for the cancellation of the Rio Olympics. But how feasible is this, really?

10 Olympic Games That Nearly Bankrupted Their Host Countries

The cost of hosting the Olympic Games has risen astronomically, but some cities are willing to foot the bill in exchange for increased tourism and better infrastructure. But what happens when it doesn't pay off? Here are 10 cautionary tales.

The Greatest Olympians of All Time

Their athletic feats are the stuff of legend. Their dedication and fortitude boggle the minds of mere mortals. See the photos and learn the stories of 16 competitors who rose to the podium as they represented their countries in global competition.

Find Your Way Around the 2012 Olympic Games

Your window for learning your way around this year's Summer Games is closing fast. Get to know some of the venues where world records are sure to be stomped on.

What sorts of prosthetics will you see in the Paralympics?

Maybe you've heard about the lightning-quick South African runner Oscar Pistorius and his trusty Cheetahs. What other prosthetic innovations have struck gold at the Paralympics?