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Music Industry

The Music Industry highlights the business side of making music and what it takes to have a hit, as well as how to not be that one-hit wonder.

Are Pop Song Lyrics Getting More Repetitive?

A computer programmer used data analysis to crunch the numbers for six decades of pop music's hottest hits.

Is Music Sampling Dead? Not So Fast

The copyright infringement lawsuits didn't kill off sampling. Musicians just figured out how to hide it better so artists often can't tell they're being sampled.

See the Band, Buy the T-shirt (More Easily)

You want to wear the cool T-shirt the day after the concert; the band wants your cash to fuel life on the road. The Merch Cat app is geared at making both things happen.

Red Lobster Owes Beyoncé Some Free Cheddar Bay Biscuits

But does name-checking a product in a song always mean a big sales bump?

Composing in Code: Musician-Programmers Are Changing the Way Music Is Made

Here's a riddle: If a musician creates an artificial intelligence that composes music, then who actually wrote the concerto?

Now You Can Sing 'Happy Birthday' Without Looking Over Your Shoulder (Probably)

Now that "Happy Birthday to You" is free to use, people everywhere will publicly sing it, right? Most likely. But the answer's not so clear.

The Perfect Length for a Pop Song

Do we really prefer three-minute radio songs, or is that just what we're given?

What does 'digitally remastered' mean?

Your favorite band has just digitally remastered and reissued all of its albums. You already own everything they've ever made — should you buy them all again?

How the RIAA Works

Known for its Gold and Platinum Record awards, the Recording Industry Association of America's goal is to promote and protect the music industry. But how does that mission lead to a lawsuit against a 12-year-old girl?

How Music Sampling Works

Have you ever heard a brand new song on the radio and realized that it sounds familiar? Chances are the producers sampled a drum break or a bass line from a classic song, reworking it into a completely new piece.