Golf Basics

Golf Basics is the place to start for those who want to understand how the game of golf works.

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The hosel is a little piece of metal that plays a big part in both golf club construction and in the club's performance.

By Patty Rasmussen

When preparing to swing at the tee, you want to golf ball to go just as far as you want it in exactly the right direction you want it to go. That's where the dimples come in.

By Contributors

Sinking a hole-in-one is way more difficult than Tiger Woods and those other professionals make it look.

By John Donovan


Miniature golf is a classic family outing and beach vacation tradition. It's almost like a cartoon version of regular golf. Who would come up with such an idea?

By Debra Ronca

Do you want to know how to use golf GPS when you're on the range? Learn how to use golf GPS in this article.

By Contributors

In addition to being practical on the golf course, golf carts have a lot of uses that reach beyond traversing the back nine. In fact, in some communities, golf carts are the main means of transportation.

By Jamie Page Deaton

Golfers who dig the long ball also dig long golf courses. Usually, golf courses are measured in yards, but Australia's Nullarbor Links is so long that it's measured in kilometers.

By Josh Clark


"A good walk spoiled" is how Mark Twain described the sport of golf. But golf greats and addicted amateurs would beg to differ. Where did this sport begin and how has it evolved?

By Nicholas Gerbis

A golf simulator installed in your home or office can mimic the real game while also improving your skills. So if you're a real golf fanatic, you may want to learn more about these high-tech machines.

By Patrick E. George

When Bobby Jones became the first to win the "Grand Slam" of golf in 1930 he became an overnight star. He went on to create a series of films in which he corrected the swings of celebrities. Learn about the innovations in the films and how they relat

By Dave Coustan

Golf clubs incorporate an amazing amount of technology in a streamlined design. Clearly, teeing off with a driver isn't like teeing off with a big stick. So what are the factors that influence golf club design?

By Curt Franklin