Golf Tips

Golf tips can really help you lower your scores. If you read enough golf tips and work them into your practice routine, your game will improve in no time. In this section you'll find all sorts of golf tips, ranging from grip tips to putting tips.

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There are so many mental distractions on the golf course, from sand traps to deep patches of rough, that it's easy to forget about an important part of the game -- your hands. We have five tips that help you get a better grip on both your golf club and your swing.

By Lawrence Schumacher

When the stack and tilt swing hit the media, many long-time golfers pushed back their visors and scratched their heads. This swing runs counter to the traditional golf swing. But for some golfers, it really works. Why?

By Nicholas Gerbis

It's great to whack balls at the driving range, but putting is actually 40 percent of your game. So you need to give it some love. How can you improve your skills on the green?

By Patrick J. Kiger


Too often your golf game may be soured by a wicked slice or a ball that winds up in water. But before you throw down your clubs in frustration, read these 10 tips to improve your swing.

By Gerlinda Grimes