How to Use Golf GPS

Golf GPS is a global positioning device that can help you navigate the golf course as well as record and save your golf scores and statistics. Golf GPS systems include a map of the course, your location on the course and precise distances between you, your ball and the hole. Some systems even provide satellite images of the course. You can also download a golf GPS application for use on your mobile device.

Because every golf GPS system works slightly differently, you should follow the directions that came with the particular device or application you purchased. Here are some general instructions for how to use a golf GPS:


  1. Charge your device for the amount of time specified in the directions before using it for the first>Register on your golf GPS' Web site. li>Install the software that came with your GPS onto your computer.
  2. Select your golf course.
  3. Set up the round by entering the names of the players.
  4. Decide if you want an aerial (satellite) view of the course. If so you can choose any part of the course to zoom in on.
  5. Click Measure My Shot to calculate the distance the ball traveled. Then move to where your ball landed.
  6. Log your shot and what club you used [source: SkyGolf].
  7. Log your score and stats, and those of the other players, on the GPS' scorecard.
  8. Record your Chips, sand shots and penalties on the correct screen for each.
  9. Press Continue Playing to save the information entered.
  10. Choose Rounds > Previous Rounds to view, edit or delete previous rounds.
  11. Choose Cumulative Stats to see a summary of all the rounds played [source: GolfLogix].

To optimize your mobile device's battery life while using a golf GPS application, do one or more of the following:

  1. Make sure your battery is fully charged before you start your round.
  2. Adjust the brightness of your screen so it's less than 50 percent. You do this by selecting Settings > Display.
  3. Use an external battery charger as a back-up to make sure your battery lasts [source: GolfLogix]. //]]]]> ]]>