10 Totally Unappreciated 'Star Wars' Droids

Ugh. These two. Always basking in the limelight. © Todd Williamson/Getty Images
Ugh. These two. Always basking in the limelight. © Todd Williamson/Getty Images

Ugh, that little twerp R2-D2, bumbling around aimlessly, making his cutesy beeps and whistles and always shorting out at the most inconvenient times. And that self-centered C-3PO, with his oh-gee-whiz victim mentality and unendurable accent. Both of them, insufferable celebrities to the end. As if they weren't bad enough, now we're stuck with this new BB-8 droid, from "The Force Awakens." It's more cutesy and eye-rolling than 1,000 R2-D2s, grabbing the spotlight at every eager opportunity.

Meanwhile, the rest of us droids toil in complete obscurity, grinding our gears into slippage until we're recycled for spare parts. So we – the totally unappreciated drones of the "Star Wars" epics -- will continue to hang out in the background as underpaid extras while interns and assistants shine and polish the bigwig robots.

Ah, it's the lament of the forgotten droids, the contraptions that fill in the edges of so many scenes in some of the most famous movies of all time. Unlike extras in many sci-fi flicks, these droids aren't always disposable or interchangeable. True to the detail and depth of "Star Wars" storytelling, these robots have their own backstories, personalities and traits, even if they never grab center stage.

Sadly, many of those background droids get lost in the galactic clutter, virtually forgotten. Keep reading and you'll meet 10 droids that play their roles without the expectation of stardom. They simply keep their metal noses to the grindstone, adding drama and depth to this epic star-riddled saga.