10 Ridiculous Things Celebrities Have In Their Mansions

By: Jonny Hughes

We have all fantasized about what we would have in our mansions if we were rich and famous or won the lottery, such as swimming pools, a movie theater or a basketball court. But anyone who has seen MTV Cribs will have been stunned at some of the ridiculous things that celebrities spend their fortune on, as many have gotten creative with their wealth and created not just a visually impressive home, but one that is full of fun amenities as well.


10. Lady Gaga – Bowling Alley

Last year Lady Gaga shelled out a staggering $23 million for her mansion situated in Southern California. Much like her wardrobe, it is a very eccentric home and it is difficult to imagine anybody getting bored whilst there. Not only does it have an underground “batcave,” but it also features a 1960s era two-lane bowling alley. You see many celebrities with a basketball court, swimming pool and a pool table, but it is quite rare to see an actual bowling alley. She must have some pretty fun parties in her mansion and you would expect that she has honed her skills too. In addition to this, her mansion also boasts an enormous wine cellar, a theater with a wetbar, a pool, a dressage ring, an elevator and much more. If you ever get invited for a party ’round Lady Gaga’s mansion, we recommend you go.

9. Michael Jordan – Indoor Basketball Court

“His Airness” is selling his incredible Illinois home, and it is any basketball player’s fantasy home (aside from an odd taste which he is famed for). The stand out for many basketball players will be the incredible full-sized indoor court, complete with the “Jumpman” logo at center court. You see many celebrities have an outdoor court, but indoor is another matter and you would expect nothing less from the greatest to play the game. Originally listed at $29 million and now back on the market for only $14.85 million, it has many other incredible features that include a putting green, a tennis court, gym, cinema room, humidor smoking room, wine cellar and infinity pool, all within a 7.4 acre property. Anyone familiar with MJ will know that this is him all over, but now you could own the astonishing home complete with all its furnishings.

8. Mike Tyson – Solid Gold Bathtub & Two Bengal Tigers

Although he was forced to sell his extravagant mansion due to debt, it should not come as too much of a surprise to find Mike Tyson on this list. The wild and unpredictable former heavyweight champion lived in an incredible mansion in the ’80s and ’90s, and it was littered with many ridiculous purchases which give you an insight into Iron Mike’s personality. The most famous purchases were two pet Bengal tigers that he used to keep, which set him back roughly $150,000. If anyone was stupid enough into break into his home, not only would they have to face Tyson, but two tigers as well. The other most famous purchase was a solid 24-karat gold bathtub, which was worth $2 million. There must have been many wild parties ’round here back in the day, but the property has since been converted into a church and community center.

7. Paris Hilton – Dog Mansion

Paris Hilton’s dogs have their own house which is more expensive than millions of people’s own homes around the world (those fortunate enough to own a property). A troubling thought that is 100% true, Hilton purchased a $325,000 McMansion built just for her dogs, which is also a replica of her own mansion and can be found in her garden overlooking the pool. The dog house has two floors and features mini designer furniture, heating, air conditioning, a spiral staircase, a wardrobe for their many ridiculous outfits and even a chandelier. This is the definition of excess and is more like the idea of a small child than an adult, and it is likely to cause a lot of anger as it is such a ludicrous and unnecessary purchase which seems to rub her wealth in your face, with her pets living in more comfort than millions of people around the globe.


6. Dr. Dre – Moat

In today’s day and age, most people install intruder alarms as a form of home security, but this is not quite as cool or visually impressive as having your very own moat. First used to protect castles from attack, a moat is a body of water that surrounds a building and is now considered to be very glamorous. This is what rapper Dr. Dre has surrounding his luxury L.A. mansion, which he bought from Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen for $40 million in 2014. The moat also contains koi fish for added luxury. The mansion also boasts five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a library, a sauna, seven fireplaces, a motor court and a gym, all on four acres in Brentwood. Many consider the legendary rapper, producer and founder of Beats Electronics to be rap royalty, so it only seems fitting that he has his own moat surrounding his luxury modern castle.

5. Shaquille O’Neal – 30ft Bed

Now, we all know that Shaquille O’Neal is a mountain of a man at 7’1″ and around 325 pounds, but surely he doesn’t need a bed that is 30 feet wide. This is what he has, however, and he had it custom made, complete with sheets that have the Superman logo (his nickname and something that is found throughout his mansion). It is likely that a lot of NBA players have to have their beds custom made due to their height, but in typical Shaq fashion, he had to live larger than anyone else. The property, located just outside Orlando (where he used to play) is quite the sight and classic for the NBA legend who is famous for his fun loving personality. It features an amazing rock pool that he named “Shaqapulco,” an indoor basketball court, a vintage car collection, a screening room, 11 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms.

4. Drake – Luxury Outdoor Pool

It is quite likely that Drake throws the best pool parties in all of Hollywood, as his huge pool is complete with waterfalls, an 80 foot water slide, statues of women in bikinis, iron torches, and an impressive grotto which makes it something to behold and looks like a lot of fun. This is all on his YOLO Estate (yes, it is really called that) situated in Hidden Hills, which he bought for $7.7 million in 2012. Drake has admitted that he is obsessed with pools and found the property when searching for “craziest residential pools.” Earlier this year he threw a wild pool party with Hollywood’s finest in attendance. Also at YOLO Estate, you will find a standalone movie theater, a mechanical bull, a bedroom hidden behind a bookshelf and a tennis/basketball court.

3. Ron Howard – Observatory

Ron Howard’s Connecticut mansion may seem fairly modest (for a mansion) from the outside, but once you see the property you will soon understand why it was listed for a whopping $27.5 million. Not only does the acclaimed director get fantastic views with the nearby lake and the many trails amongst the woods on the property, but he also gets stunning views of the galaxy thanks to his very own observatory. Whenever looking for inspiration, you can imagine Howard taking to the observatory with its professional grade Meade telescope to gaze into the heavens, which surely inspired him for Apollo 13 and From the Earth to the Moon. In addition to this fantastic feature, his mansion also contains a sports barn, movie theater, billiard room, library and an indoor saltwater pool which bares a striking resemblance to the pool in Howard’s Cocoon (this one sadly does not have healing powers).

2. John Travolta – Jet Runways

In addition to being an immensely popular and successful Hollywood actor, John Travolta is also a certified private pilot. He owns a luxury mansion in Florida which has two runways that lead directly to his front door, and on top of this he also owns five of his own aircrafts which he keeps stored at the property. Travolta has stated that he had the home designed specifically for the jets and so that he could access the entire world at any point, and being able to do so has helped him both in his personal life and professionally. Not only is this an incredible thing to have in your home, but it also gives you the freedom to travel the world at your luxury and nip over to Paris for dinner, and also avoid the stress of having to go to the airport.


1. Leonardo DiCaprio – Well-Being Amenities

The king of amenities, Leonardo DiCaprio’s house is truly something special and the man clearly knows how to live in luxury when he’s not working. At Casa DiCaprio’s two bedroom apartment in Manhattan (one of three properties he owns), you will find a health-centric home which has vitamin C-infused showers, a circulated aromatherapy air supply, purified air and water, posture-supportive heat reflexology flooring, dawn simulation lighting, a juicing station, a 78-bottle wine fridge and circadian lighting design, along with ultraviolet lighting which sterilizes harmful airborne microbes. Developed by Delos, the property prides itself on environmental principles and green building techniques (something DiCaprio is passionate about) for a healthy way of living. A very unique property with some intriguing amenities, it sounds very much like living in some kind of spa, so it is no surprise that Leo has managed to maintain his good looks with such incredible technology at his disposal.