Memorable Movies takes a look at the movies we can all quote at the drop of a hat. Learn why Indiana Jones and E.T. are part of the world's common culture.


Movie Trivia Challenge

You've got throwing an Oscar party down pat. Your favorite blogs are written by grips, gaffers and set designers. The people who work the box office at three movie theaters know you by name. Think you've got what it takes to pass this movie quiz?

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  • 10 Crazy Examples of Horrible Movie Science
    10 Crazy Examples of Horrible Movie Science

    We get it. Movies are fiction. But for those of us who love science, seeing even fictional worlds behave in a way that's flat-out wrong just rankles. See more »

  • 10 Monsters That Deserve Movies
    10 Monsters That Deserve Movies

    How many times have you seen Godzilla do his Godzilla thing? So, Hollywood, allow us to play matchmaker. Speed date with us as we get to know 10 of the hottest big-screen virgins ever to claw their way out of our nightmares. See more »

  • 10 Noteworthy Exploitation Films
    10 Noteworthy Exploitation Films

    Sex, violence and over-the-top action -- it's easy to see the influence that exploitation movies have had on cinema as a whole. You can even split the genre into a number of subgenres that push the boundaries of taste and decorum with every frame. Here are 10 of the most noteworthy. See more »

  • Can you slay this movie monster?
    Can you slay this movie monster?

    Are you ready to earn your degree in slayanomics? Think you can murder your way through the foulest and meanest monsters ever to slouch their way out of our cinematic nightmares? Let's put your knowledge to the test. See more »

  • Darth Vader, This Is Your Life...
    Darth Vader, This Is Your Life...

    Dark warrior, star pilot, statesman, enforcer, saber master, leader: all words that could be used to describe the Dark Lord of the Sith. Who is Darth Vader really? Well, Darth Vader, this is your life. See more »

  • Dead or Alive: Escaping from The Thing
    Dead or Alive: Escaping from The Thing

    Who are we kidding? There's no escaping from The Thing. Your only hope is to confront this strange creature face to face and save yourself and humanity. But do you know enough to stop it? Find out in this quiz. See more »

  • Horror Movie Weapon of Choice Quiz
    Horror Movie Weapon of Choice Quiz

    Sure, you've bathed your mind in the blood of a thousand slasher movies, but is your memory sharp enough to recall each monstrous killer's weapon of choice? Can you remember how effective they were? It's time to put your horror knowledge to the test. See more »

  • How 'Gracie' Works
    How 'Gracie' Works

    Inspired by actual events, "Gracie" tells the story of a girl's struggle to play soccer on her high school's all-male team in the 1970s. Learn how "Gracie" was conceived, cast and produced. See more »

  • How 'Tremors' Graboids Work
    How 'Tremors' Graboids Work

    Nevada: Home to glitzy casinos, legalized prostitution and giant, man-eating worms called graboids. Get to know these subterranean monsters from the West before they come rooting around a town near you. See more »

  • How Frankenstein's Monster Works
    How Frankenstein's Monster Works

    What happens when scientific achievement goes awry? When synthetic life doesn't conform to human desires? One of the best monsters ever to terrorize fiction happens, that's what. See more »

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